Monday 29 July 2019


ZHRO Walk For Freedom

The ZHRO leadership has advised that the Walk for Freedom 2019 will take place on the 10th of August 2019.  The walk will be from Brighton to London.  It will be a 105km walk.  The destination will be Hampton Court Rail Station, however due to the plight of those in Zimbabwe the final destination might be changed from Hampton Court Rail station to the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 the Strand London. 

Practice Walk, Hampton Court to Zim Embassy, 16-o3-19
The Freedom Walk is used by ZHRO to raise awareness to the British public of the plight of people who are in Zimbabwe.  These protest walks will take place every year until human rights are restored in Zimbabwe.  We need an accountable Government.  Not the ZANU PF Mafia Organisation.  Today, the Junta in Zimbabwe is rife with corruption, individuals who are bigger than institutions, leading to miss management of the economy which has led to it being comatosed and debilitatingly paralysed.  Zimbabwe’s economy now has over 100% inflation.  It was less than 10% inflation before Mugabe was removed less than 3 years ago.  There are now up to 16 hour power outages in a country that has so much sunlight and potential for solar power.  Recently in 2018, then in January and February of 2019, the army was deployed into the general unarmed citizenry, people were haphazardly shot and killed, catastrophically maimed and women were systematically raped.  The walk is to raise awareness of these and other horrible things that have happened and are happening in Zimbabwe.

The ZHRO team has been practicing for the walk.  The first practice day was on the 16th of March 2019.  The “happy band of walkers,” as described by John Burke was comprised of Tinashe Aliseni, Molly Ngavaimbe, Charity Ndebele, Ashley Parewa, George Shambela, Oswald Mawodza and Mr John Burke. 

The second practice day was on the 16th of June 2019.  Those involved in the practice walk were, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Margret Chisadza Madamombe, Reuben Waretsa, Tinashe Aliseni, Chipochedenga Parirenyatwa, George Shambela and John Burke.  “We walked as a group on the route.  It was great.  Chipo walked 18km in total as she had other engagements to attend to.  She was only meant to see us off, but she ended up walking quite some distance with us,” said Rashiwe Bayisayi. All mentioned above are active members of ZHRO which is a fervidly active human Rights Organisation.
Practice Walk, Guildford to Hampton Court, 16-06-2019

Whilst speaking at the ZHRO weekly vigil protest on the 19th of June 2019, Rashiwe Bayisayi said, “We need the support of the public.  That’s why we have these T-shirts, they are white and they are written, Walk for Freedom.”  She then went on to speak with passion in her voice.  “We started this walk in 2016 and we are still going because Zimbabwe is not free.  Once I went of VOA (Voice of America) and they were asking me why I was doing it.  I said, I’m not gonna stop, until Zimbabwe is free.  So Zimbabwe is not free yet, so I will continue.  The suffer continues.”

Rashiwe Bayisayi then promoted the walk saying, “Those who want to come and join are welcome.  Those who want to come to the starting point to see them off you are welcome, those who want to join us, may join.  If you wish to meet us in the middle of the walk, we can tell you where you can meet us.  Those who want to come and finish with us, you are welcome.” 

“What I want to stress on everyone, is to Train.  Pleeeease.  Train, train and train, learn to walk long distances.  Climb the steps at train stations to build leg muscles.  We have a tendency as Zimbabweans to say, “Kumusha (at home), we used to walk and run all the time, do you know how many miles I used to walk?  Vakomana takafamba (People we used to walk) 20 years ago.  Saka (so) now we are just used to waking up eating, going to work, sitting down, getting home, eating then sleeping.  We hardly walk as much.  Please think of how you will feel after walking 105km, with no rest.  Last year, I walked the route in 25hrs and I am yearning to beat that time.” 

Thabo Makuyana then asked how the general public might financially support the walk.  “Last year we didn’t have sponsorship.  We did the walk to raise awareness.  The previous year, we did have sponsorship forms.  If we manage to print everything we need, there will be sponsorship forms this year.  Reashiwe Bayisayi responded.

Thabo Makuyana then asked, “On the day of the walk, are the local UK authorities going to be notified of our activities?  What we are doing is activism, we are outside the Zimbabwe embassy and security is of paramount importance.”  “Yes they will know and all the locations that we pass will also be notified.  We walk on our own, but the authorities will be able to mobilise quickly if called upon,” Rashiwe Bayisayi responded.

If you wish to donate to the walk for freedom please visit the link below.

To find out more, to join ZHRO, attend one the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.
Kingstone Jambawo                         079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                  078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                               074 528 28229

By ZHRO Team

By Divine Appointment

The struggle for Zimbabwe continues as ZHRO maintains its Vigil at the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 The Strand.  The Vigil started of with a prayer that was said by Sister Paul, who happened to be passing by, stopped to talk to the ZHRO protesters gathered and signed one of the petitions.  She verbally intimated her support for the goals of ZHRO and prayed for among other things, the people of Zimbabwe, to have the courage and the strength to be free and democratic, for the President and other leaders of Zimbabwe to gain faith and clarity in their decisions, and that they may treat their own people in the best way possible.  Gifts were exchanged between Sister Paul and ZHRO.
Sister Paul and ZHRO team just before prayer. Photo by P. Mahlahla

Some of the first to arrive at the weekly vigil protest were Sarah and Rashiwe Bayisayi.  With U.K. school holidays in full swing, summer time in Europe, setting up was slightly slowed down by crowds of tourists whose tour guides were eager to talk about Zimbabwe.

ZHRO members were as usual asking folk who were interested, to sign their petitions.  Most of those who signed the petitions made donations.  ZHRO announcements were made regarding the upcoming Walk For Freedom and the ZHRO AGM which will be held in Swindon.

Towards the end of the Vigil, a disgruntled Zimbabwean lady chastised the ZHRO Vigil protesters for protesting.  “The President is trying,” she said.  She then continued saying amongst other things, “I don’t prescribe to protesting at all, whilst walking past the ZHRO protesters.” The ZHRO Ladies present responded in kind by singing songs that are common in the Vigil Protest.  Whilst walking away, she used her democratic and human rights to make her own video in protest at the Vigil.

ZHRO Team 24 July 2019, Photo by R. Bayisayi
On reflection, this is the kind of healthy debate that should be taking place in Zimbabwe and amongst Zimbabweans the world over, regardless of their political affiliation.  There should be space for people who support different political parties and factions within the various political parties to agree and disagree without being insulted at least and Killed at worst.  Maybe the space for open non-political dialogue might be possible between the Ambassador, his team and the ZHRO team and members one day, considering the fact that only the milk man or woman and the post man or woman visit the Embassy of Zimbabwe at 429 The Strand more than ZHRO and other vigil teams’.

Molly Ngavaimbe took charge at the table, Rashiwe Bayisayi and Mary Muteyerwa took turns in leading the vigil protest, Barbra Ncube was meeting and greeting at the front.  Some extreemly tasty scones were brought by Zenzo Siziba.  There were none left at the end of the Vigil.

Those who attended the planned vigil protest today as per the register were,

To find out more, join ZHRO, attend one the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.
Kingstone Jambawo                        079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                 078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                               074 528 28229

By ZHRO Team

Monday 22 July 2019

Cry out my beloved Zimbabwe

By Lindsey Zaranyika

So, it’s not that long ago that we as Zimbabweans were celebrating that we are free. It was when Mugabe was toppled from power by a bloodless coup not coup. After almost 40 years in power, the perceived architect and executioner was his (Mugabe's) political son and student of 50 years plus.  E. D. Mnangagwa.

We were all jubilant, with some of us screaming, "freedom and change is here", but now, with the one we ushered in, it (Human Rights abuse and lack of democracy) is even worse than when Mugabe was in power.  Unemployment, cost of living, electricity, fuel, education and health system, are all completely crippled.  So, where is the change where is the freedom how are we meant to be living and enjoying. 

RTGS the currency that was being used, that ban of any foreign currency trading.  The reintroduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar means, most pharmacies in Zimbabwe that import medication and health care equipment will just most likely shut down, and, then, where does it leave those in need? 

The so called hospitals and clinics  don’t not provide the necessary medication need, so to ban foreign currency  trading is putting the whole country on a stand still as now the country imports most things needed for day to day life including fuel and medication where the prices have gone sky high but salaries of most stay  the same.

Those fortunate enough to get paid and decide to import goods end up with the top brass imposing import bans and restrictions on goods apparently not produced in Zimbabwe.  The sad irony of this situation is that, the same top brass survives mostly on imports and it is their contacts and connections that have the few import permits that are given out.

Lack of adequate foreign currency Hospitals will woman survive child-birth, will emergency’s be dealt with what resources knows. Speak to anyone back home they don’t know what tomorrow apart from hunger, blackouts, uncertainty.

#Cry out my beloved Zimbabwe

Tuesday 16 July 2019

ZHRO responds to Habitual Liar Nick Mangwana.

ZHRO has responded to VOA News questions, following the false allegations and libellous statements from habitual liar Nick Mangwana after the planned protest against S B Moyo and Nick Mangwana at Chatham House in London.

Kingstone Jambawo (ZHRO Representative) said, "What happened today shows the anguish of the Zimbabwean Diaspora, it shows the Desolation of the people of Zimbabwe, because the challenge we have is a challenge for all of us."

He continued saying, "What we are doing, is letting the British know that the (ZANU PF) Zimbabwean Government which they think has changed, which they think is good and they are welcoming, is the same as before.   Nothing has changed.  The people of Zimbabwe are not happy.  There is no electricity, there is no water, things are even worse than before."

ZANU PF, Security Agent with hamd in face of protester in
London on Friday 12th July 2019 at Chatham House
When asked what happened when S. B. Moyo got sprayed with water, Kingstone responded saying, "The main aim of all demonstrations is to highlight an issue and bring focus to that issue.  We genuinely want our demonstrations to go without any incidents, however, within our ranks, there are some who are more upset with the Zimbabwe (ZANU PF) Government than others, so things like that do happen from time to time.

ZANU PF UK Face book page
post, urges members to
identify the protesters
Our aim (as ZHRO) was not to throw water or anything else on the Minister.  Our aim was not to assault anyone (no one was assaulted on the Government side).  However due in a large part to the disenchantment of people and the anger the people have towards them (ZANU PF ) these things can happen.  This shows how upset people are with the Government (ZANU PF). 

When asked if ZHRO will make an apology and ask for forgiveness   The Ministers must ask for forgiveness from the people who they are making to suffer under their Kleptocratic and evil regime."  The Zimbabwe (ZANU PF) leaders seem to suffer from constant bouts of amnesia or maybe they a  Ghukurahundi, 2008, August 2018, January and February of 2019, have all been painfully tattooed into the memory and psyche of the majority of Zimbabweans who dared to vote for a party that is not ZANU PF.

re going senile.

from the Zimbabwe Government, Kingstone said, "the Zimbabwe Government is the one that must apologise and ask for forgiveness from the people of Zimbabwe.

Pupurai Togarepi, self styled Guru,
Hard line ZANU PF supporter,
with a habit of constantly
Predicting ZANU PF's next
With passion in his voice he added, "When they, the ministers come here (to the UK), they come here pretending that everything is ok, like as if they love their people and they want to fix the economy and bring human rights, however, what is really happening in Zimbabwe is totally different from what they (ZANU PF) are portraying."

"So, our goal is to make sure the UK government know that what they are being told (is lies) and what is happening are two totally different things."  If the U.K. Government closes its ears we will go to the U.K. people.

When asked what else ZHRO has done, besides protesting at the Zimbabwe Embassy on a weekly basis, Kingstone Jambawo ended saying, "amongst other things we have sent petitions to the Prime minister of the U.K. at number 10 Downing Street.  He added on later saying, "This was organised by those of Zimbabwean Birth and Descent.  The Zimbabwean Diaspora organised this.  We did not organise this as one organisation.  We were a number of different organisations."

Most of those protesting were middle aged and old women who are old enough to be mothers of the security agents who roughed them up.  They are not the same age at all and as S. B. Moyo could clearly be seen on camera he did not look threatened, or distressed, at all, nor was he actually physically touched, by any of the protesters.

The MDC press statement, clearly supposes that one of the ladies in question has reported the incident to police at Charing Cross Police Station in London.  We (ZHRO) will await further information on the matter and release more information to the media when necessary.

Here in the U.K. and in Europe it is accepted and the norm that when politicians and public figures go astray and cause upset in the communities they serve, they are pelted with eggs and milkshakes.  The protesters are not threatened with being crushed by the executive branch of the country they are protesting against. (Mnangagwa deleted a tweet threatening to crush the London protesters)

By ZHRO Team


ZHRO Vigil Protest 10 July 2019
The  planned weekly Vigil protest started with everyone wondering why, on this day, there were so many security officers and black vehicles parked outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, at, 429, The Strand, London, compared to the usual just one or two unmanned cars.  (The security officers outside were mostly IC1 males, who obliged with smiles and greetings when approached) this is a personal note. “Moyo and Mangwana might be in, someone yelled out.”  “Oh, they are early,” shouted another.  “We’ll have to make as much noise as possible then.  We need to make sure they can hear us,” another continued.  Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi were amongst the first to arrive at 11:15am.
The protest against the ZANU PF regimes lack of respect for human rights and those in the Embassy visiting then started.  Passers-by seemed more eager than usual to sign the petitions on the desk.  The noise levels seemed to be enticing them more and more (passers by).  One of the first to sign the petitions was a middle aged IC3 Lady from Zimbabwe, who was, informally dressed and surprisingly, she seemed not to know much about what was happening in Zimbabwe.  All she did was ask questions which even the tourists did not ask.  Others included a couple from Switzerland, a couple from the USA and another from the UK, just to list a few.
The delegation that had the black cars and security personnel then all of a sudden appeared wilst the protest was underway, the routine of the security personnel seemed well rehearsed and ran like clockwork.  They made a somewhat, clear barrier between the delegation and the protesters.  They were firm but polite.  The delegation were then in their cars and left after the protesters were clear of the front of the vehicles.
The noise levels were deafening as the protesters made themselves heard whilst singing, Mnangagwa Ngaende, (Mnangagwa must go) ZANU PF Ngaiende, (ZANU PF must go).  All the while the delegation were in their cars and the majority UK security personnel conducted the operation of getting the delegation into their respective vehicles swiftly, then waited for the protesters to clear and then they (the delegation) were off to other engagements.
The protest continued and ended with a group photo.
Those who attended the protest as per the register were,
Mary Muteyerwa, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Sarah Bayisayi, Kingstone Jambawo, Ebson Chigwedere, Charity Ndebele, Sibongile Bvungidzire, Lindsey Zaranyika, Tapiwa Muskwe, Nancy Makurira, Florence Marowa, Tinashe Aliseni, Loice Gomera, Salom Nkiweane, Vimbai Gomera, Alfred Mukuvare, Thabo Makuyana, Panashe Muyeye, Stella Mandiranga, Plaxidia Mugonde, Molly Ngavaimbe, Chegika Lifa Phiri, Chipo Parirenyatwa, Lucia D Mungwani, Nehemia Musonza.  Camera man today was Philip Mahlahla.
By ZHRO Team

Friday 12 July 2019

ZHRO Rally to Protest

ZHRO Rallies call to protest, S. B. Moyo and Nick Mangwana
(Note to reader.  If you click👆 on the blue words, an image or video should appear in a new window)

Following the ZHRO Vigil protest of 10th July2019, where Nick Mangwana, allegedly a former UK asylum seeker, now the ZANU PF, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity, had earlier received a rowdy, prolonged and unceremonious greeting that showd he was unwelcome in the UK, from, ZHRO Vigil protesters outside the ZimbabweEmbassy, as he tried to hurriedly leave in a chauffer driven car surrounded by UK security personnel. 

Chipo Parirenyatwa, ZHRO Chair lady who is a Firebrandand ardent human Rights Activist, sat down for an interview which turned into a Rallying call for Zimbabweans and other human rights activists to make themselves seen, heard and noticed on Friday 12th July 2019 at Chatham House,10 St James Square, London, SW1Y 4LE.

ZHRO 10 JULY 2019
When asked about the delegation from Zimbabwe she said amongst other things, “S.B. Moyo is the one who announced (On ZBC that it was not a coup) when they took over from Mugabe, he has come to England with Nick Mangwana.”  She added on saying, “He (Nick Mangwana) was in the country (UK) for a very long time.  Soon after this coup, (Removal of Mugabe) he is the one who is mobilising the deportation of all the asylum seekers who are here in the UK. 

When asked about the Chatham house meeting by S.B. Moyo, she said, “We are Mobilizing all the Zimbabweans.  We should meet at the Chatham house, so that nothing that they have come to do will take place.”  “We (ZHRO) are going to protest against those people, because there is no Human Rights at home.  They don’t respect the human rights.  No democracy at all, even now, as we speak, we have one of our own, Job Sikhala Vice Chairman of MDC who was arrested two days ago for expressing his views.  There is no freedom in Zimbabwe,” She stressed. 

When asked what she meant by stopping things from happening, she said, “Definitely, WE ARE GOING TO STOP THEM FROM ENTERING THE BUILDING AT CHATHAM HOUSE.  That’s our promise, and we are going to make sure we succeed in that.  They have to go back to Zimbabwe, that’s where they belong.  They are saying, Zimbabwe is open for business and yet its open for Persecution.  Its open for oppression, so, they should go back and sit over there.”

“We are expecting more than 100 people there, “ she said.  “We have invited RORH who are coming to join hands with ZHRO, MDC political party, Yes we can and others.”  She said members are expecting to meet at 8:30am at Chatham House as the event is starting at 10am and is finishing at 11am.  Further checking has shown that the event will be livestreamed.

To find out more, join ZHRO, attend the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.

Kingstone Jambawo:-                     079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi:-                              078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla :-                          074 528 28229
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By Thabo Makuyana

Sunday 7 July 2019

ZHRO Vigil 26 June 2019 Mrs Loice Gomera speaks on The Systematic Abuse of Women and the Girl Child

ZHRO Vigil interviewing  
26 June 2019 
at 429 The Strand
Zimbabwe Embassy

This interview was held at 429 the Strand in London.  Mrs Gomera was giving her heartfelt concerns and views regarding an imminent shutdown in Zimbabwe, the likely military crackdown, highly possible raping of Women and Girls by the ZANU PF Proxies, which include the Police and Army and the current economic crises that is gripping Zimbabweans at the moment including the return of the Zimbabwe Dollar in its full form.

When asked about the re Zimbabwe Dollarization she said, “Its pathetic; I think they are just there to steal people’s money.  Like they did last time.”  She then goes on to briefly explain what has happened and ended this part saying, “they are up to no good.”
When asked about the likely impact on Women in Zimbabwe she said among other things, 

“that empowerment that was earlier on reduced, has now reducing them (to) next to nothing.  I even see (the) girl child not going to school, prostitution is going to be on the rise, HIV Aids, its just going to be a disaster…”
When asked about the possible strike that had been planned by Tajamuka, and the possible fears she has regarding the wellbeing of the girl child and women she said,

“There are no two ways about it.”  “Women are going to be violated, women are going to be raped and all sorts of things, and the girl child its even worse.  They always take advantage of that situation, the soldiers go out raping them, so its going to be a disaster and I don’t know which organisations can help out…”
 “Some of them are scared now, because they have been raped……”
“so, its chaos, it’s a chaotic situation, whereby they are not able to exercise their rights, if they stay at home, then who is going to stand up for them?  No one.  Then if they go there, they are being violated, their rights are being violated.  So since its not a free country, those who are supposed to be protecting you are the ones who are raping you, they are the ones who are violating your rights, it’s a nightmare."

When asked about the oaths, conventions and covenants that Zimbabwe signed at the UN ((CEDAW) The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is an international treaty adopted in 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly) she said among other things, “They just signed because they wanted to show a face, but their true colours are being shown with what is happening currently. 

When referring to the interview of the current Zimbabwean President by France 24 Published on 11 Feb 2019 where he said, “Its all stage managed;”  Mrs Gomera responded saying, “If a President would stand up and say someone is faking it (being raped) …..he (The President) is opening the door for any abuse, any abuser to come and abuse the women and girl child……  That was just signing of paper without anything, without, with no action at all.”

As per the register the ZHRO Vigil this week was attended by, Tapiwa Muskwe, Miriam Gusho, Tinotenda Chihope, Sibongile Bvungidzire, Loice Gomera, Panashe Gomera, Chipo Parirenyatwa, Simon Nyanhi, Reuben G Waretsa, Nyasha Nyabadza, Thabo Makuyana, Kingstone Jambawo, Alfredy Mukuvare, NehemiahMusonza (With Peace sign), Rashiwe Bayisayi, Sarah Bayisayi, Tryness Ncube, Flemming Diza (Holding No.39),and Ebson Chigwedere.

ZHRO vigil is held every week.  Please feel free to come and join ZHRO this Wednesday at 429 the Strand London.  To find out more, join ZHRO, attend the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.

Kingstone Jambawo                        079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                 078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                              074 528 28229

By Thabo Makuyana

Monday 1 July 2019

ZHRO VIGIL 26 June 2019

ZHRO Vigil interviewing  
26 June 2019 
at 429 The Strand
Zimbabwe Embassy

This interview was of Mr Reuben Waretsa, whilst he was attending the ZHRO Vigil on Wednesday the 26th of June 2019, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 the Strand London.

  • When asked what he thought regarding the police in Zimbabwe being armed with new equipment.  Mr Reuben Waretsa responded saying among other things, “Police will feel insecure and will need that kind of gear if the people are not happy, because chances are, there will be an uprising, but if people are happy, if the social service is in order, then, where will the threat come from?  There won’t be any threat coming from the people and in the end, the police don’t need that gear.  So to me, I want the Government to rearrange its priorities and get them right.
  • When asked about his thoughts regarding the current economic situation.  He said, “ Let me start by registering my utter dismay at the appointment of the so called Dr Mtuli Ncube, with all those credentials, which are like flying colours.  I personally thought he was the answer to the economic situation in Zimbabwe.  I thought this was the guy who was going to rope in the appropriate policies, to turn around the economic environment and set a new trend for Zimbabwe."
  • MR Waretsa followed saying, "What I see is a haphazard approach to economics, that’s why they call them Feja, Feja guys (Crooks).  These guys (ZANU PF) are doing trial and error things, things they are never sure will ever work, but we thought, with a man of his standing, this guy (Mtuli Ncube) was going to give just the right prescription to set Zimbabwe on the course to recovery."

The interview ended with Mr Waretsa going back to join the protest outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, with those in the protest at the time singing a Shona song that laments the apparent fraudulent elections of 2018 as reported by the BBC and as said by the leader of MDC Honourable Nelson Chamisa in August of 2018.

For more information about ZHRO, to participate in the protest Vigils and to join ZHRO please feel free to contact
Kingstone Jambawo                   07904861744
Sarah Bayisayi                           07877287869
Philip Mahlahla                           07452828229

By Thabo Makuyana

ZHRO Successfully Protests the planned return of Green Bombers

Members of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) met on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London to protest t...