Monday 1 July 2019

ZHRO VIGIL 26 June 2019

ZHRO Vigil interviewing  
26 June 2019 
at 429 The Strand
Zimbabwe Embassy

This interview was of Mr Reuben Waretsa, whilst he was attending the ZHRO Vigil on Wednesday the 26th of June 2019, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 the Strand London.

  • When asked what he thought regarding the police in Zimbabwe being armed with new equipment.  Mr Reuben Waretsa responded saying among other things, “Police will feel insecure and will need that kind of gear if the people are not happy, because chances are, there will be an uprising, but if people are happy, if the social service is in order, then, where will the threat come from?  There won’t be any threat coming from the people and in the end, the police don’t need that gear.  So to me, I want the Government to rearrange its priorities and get them right.
  • When asked about his thoughts regarding the current economic situation.  He said, “ Let me start by registering my utter dismay at the appointment of the so called Dr Mtuli Ncube, with all those credentials, which are like flying colours.  I personally thought he was the answer to the economic situation in Zimbabwe.  I thought this was the guy who was going to rope in the appropriate policies, to turn around the economic environment and set a new trend for Zimbabwe."
  • MR Waretsa followed saying, "What I see is a haphazard approach to economics, that’s why they call them Feja, Feja guys (Crooks).  These guys (ZANU PF) are doing trial and error things, things they are never sure will ever work, but we thought, with a man of his standing, this guy (Mtuli Ncube) was going to give just the right prescription to set Zimbabwe on the course to recovery."

The interview ended with Mr Waretsa going back to join the protest outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, with those in the protest at the time singing a Shona song that laments the apparent fraudulent elections of 2018 as reported by the BBC and as said by the leader of MDC Honourable Nelson Chamisa in August of 2018.

For more information about ZHRO, to participate in the protest Vigils and to join ZHRO please feel free to contact
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By Thabo Makuyana

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