Tuesday 29 October 2019




A throng of ordinary Zimbabweans met and participated in a march dubbed, "SADC Shame on You."  This was a clear move to defy the ruling ZANU PF junta in Zimbabwe, on the 25th of October 2019.  It started at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London, at 429 The Strand London and ended at the Tanzanian High Commission at, 3 Stratford Pl, Marylebone, London, W1C 1AS, near the Botswana High Commission London, at 6 Stratford Pl.

The march was predominantly in retaliation to and clearly against the planned anti sanctions march and gathering in Zimbabwe, which was planned by ZANU PF.  The ZANU PF ruling Junta had apparently booked one passenger train from Mutare to Harare, another from Bulawayo to Harare, with a further over 100 buses from all over Zimbabwe to assist those who support them in the rural areas to go and support them.  The destination of the ZANU PF planned march and gathering was the National Sports Stadium of Zimbabwe, which holds some 60000 people.

The ZANU PF planning and flyers are said to have promised popular musicians, various artists, other heads of state and a football match between Highlanders of Bulawayo and Dynamos of Harare.  The attendance and event was described by Nick Mangwana as a success.  In contrast, with less than 10 000 people attending according to our count, and the BBC estimating some 15000 to 20000,  (The BBC Zimbabwe and other Zimbabwe based correspondents will no doubt be thinking of their lives and that of their families when reporting in Zimbabwe.) the popular opinion is that the ZANU PF event was the flop of all flops.

Those in attendance in London met at the Zimbabwe Embassy from 11am and stayed there until shortly after 12 mid-day.  The event was officially opened with a prayer.  Some speeches were made and then the march was on.  The first stop was at the South African Embassy.  Some speeches were made, which included a request for the acting Ambassador to come out and explain his countries position, (on the Sanctions on human rights abusers, murders’, rapists and dictators and their ill-gotten gains) in the same way he explained it, when there was Xenophobia in South Africa.  He did not come out to address the people gathered this time most likely because he felt ashamed of SADC.

The group then went on through the west end and stopped, rather poignantly in front of musicians who were singing Bob Marley’s song, “Stand Up for your rights.”  

The group then kept on marching, stopped at the BBC headquarters London.  When they got there, 5 out of the 6 who were doing Facebook live Blogs and had videos running on their phones were refused access past the barriers.  It seems the BBC has very good and tight security that does a great job in curtailing broadcasting. 

The reason for being at the BBC is, it seems to be giving ZANU PF's or the Governments side of issues that affect Zimbabweans on an almost daily basis to the detriment of the ordinary Zimbabwean. The toppling and Death of Mugabe seemed to be the only events that have been covered by the BBC where they focused on events which are Zimbabwe focused in the UK.  The rest of the media coverage is done by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.

The crowd left the BBC and then finally made it to the Tanzania High Commission.  The speeches that were made, had no political inclination, they were calling for change, they were calling on the Tanzanian President to change.

Those gathered signed a petition and sent letter to the SADC head His Excellency, President John Joseph Magufuli which was handed in to the Tanzanian High Commission.  The letter was read by Salani Mutseyami.

She also said, "The fact that we have allowed you (President John Joseph Magufuli) to have an opportunity to address our concerns, we are giving you the ability to have time to think about it once more.  Without ZANU PF interference, as we are all citizens of Zimbabwe.....,  in the next coming weeks we want to see change....., in the way they (SADC) address the situation in Zimbabwe (sanctions). 

At the end of the event, those gathered took photos.

A big thank you goes to those that planned the event and even more so to all those who attended, as without them the day would not have been the success that is was.  Since the 25th of October 2019, the USA has added a further name to the sanctions list.  Owen Ncube, Zimbabwe's State Security Minister amid human rights concerns has been added to the sanctions list.  Thus making it clear to the Ruling Zimbabwe Regime that they might have been better not demanding for an end to sanctions.      
Since the protest, there have also been constant calls by ZANU PF media folk and ZANU PF apologists for the sanctions to go.  They have clearly continued to ignore the human rights abuses and lack of the provisions of basic human rights by the State in Zimbabwe, caused entirely by self imposed sanctions by the state through its refusal to thoroughly clamp down on Kleptocracy.  Zimbabwe's people have thus been shoved over the proverbial cliff and have gone into abject poverty, whilst the ruling elite and their most hardened of supporters especially those in the diaspora, enjoy a life of luxury, on the backs of the ordinary peoples real and actual suffering.  

By Thabo Makuyana

Friday 25 October 2019

Zimbabwe Diaspora prepare to march whilst ZANU PF Decapitates itself

Zimbabwe Diaspora prepare to march whilst ZANU PF Decapitates itself

Zimbabweans in the diaspora are making final preparations to march to the Tanzanian Embassy today on the 25th of October 2019, in clear defiance of the ZANU PF ruling Regimes, proposed march against sanctions on the same day in Zimbabwe.  It seems there are those in ZANU PF who want the sanctions to stay and have, effectively thrown their leader under the bus.
Main U.K. Flyer 

Zimbabweans in the diaspora have planned to meet at 11am at the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 The Strand, London WC2R 0JR.  From there they have planned to march through the Streets of London to the Tanzanian High commission.  The reason for the march and proposed peaceful protest is

(i)  To highlight the ongoing human rights abuses being perpetrated by ZANU PF and its proxies, against the people of Zimbabwe
(ii) To highlight the continued and accelerated corruption that prevails in the Zimbabwean State at Wholesale, Government and State levels
(iii) To alert the world of the inability of the Government to provide basic protection against home grown terrorists, thus resulting in a dearth of food security and healthcare needs, which are basic human rights
(iv) To combat the lies and deceptions that have been unashamedly spewed by the Junta’s media and publicity ministry on a daily basis, to the detriment of Zimbabwe
(v) To show that the removal of any sanctions which were placed on individuals and entities, would be a huge backward step, which would only sanitise the continued asset stripping human rights abuses and atrocities, being committed by the ruling Junta in Zimbabwe.

With the day being about Zimbabweans, regardless of their political affiliation and having, a strong emphasis on human rights, organisers expect a high turnout.  However, given the thinly veiled threats, which have been well publicised by the ruling Junta one can only wonder what will happen to those who want and propagate for the sanctions to stay, especially since the ruling junta, expects SADC heads to attend their proposed march against the sanctions.

Some ZANU Capitulation, throwing ED
Under the Bus 😱
Most recently, the ZAMBIAN leader, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu announced on his twitter page that the 25th  October 2019 is a Public Holiday in Zambia. This may be seen by most as a snub to the Zimbabwean Junta, who have now resorted to buying from Zambia what they used to export to Zambia.  Zimbabwe used to export so much food to Zambia, when it was a bread basket and proud, now Zimbabwe is a basket case literally on her knees, with the United Nations Food Program, Zambia and Tanzania just to name a few all exporting food to Zimbabwe.  Given that Botswana and Mozambique have just had their elections, we are waiting for an official comment.

The most recent example of the Brutality of the regime is what lead to the death of Tafadzwa Tamangani whilst in police custody, within two weeks of his initial arrest.  He was tortured, photographed after being tortured, the photo was released to the public, this did not make the state take any notice, his lawyers pleaded for him to be offered medical attention, which the police denied him, then his subsequent death in custody, is a clear lack of candour, empathy or care for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable by the Zimbabwean State junta and its proxies.

Then finally, there seems to be a capitulation by the ruling ZANU PF Junta media personnel that the Sanctions are not against Zimbabwe as a whole but are only against certain people and entities based in Zimbabwe.  On one of their twitter pages, they seem to capitulate and thus go against what the ZANU PF leader has always said.  There also seems to be an audio doing the rounds in Zimbabwean chatrooms, which has an allegation from a ZANU PF member saying that Mnangagwa expects to get 20 million so that food can be distributed in Zimbabwe.

Given all the above, the anger and disenfranchisement of the Zimbabwean people is pulpable, especially when in conversation and in light chat, that always turns to anger against the regime.  Zimbabweans in the Diaspora have refused to be mute, they have committed to marching and demonstrating against the abuses and for the keeping of the sanctions.  One now wonders whether more names need to be put on the sanctions list given the FT’s recent reports on looting in Zimbabwe.

By ZHRO Team

Friday 18 October 2019

ZHRO Calls on SADC to Stop Propping Up Dictators.

ZHRO Calls on SADC 


Stop Propping Up Dictators

ZHRO (Zimbabwe human Rights Organisation) successfully held a planned peaceful Wednesday Vigil protest at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London, on the 16th of October 2019.  This protest was a prequel to the next planned peaceful demonstration, that is scheduled for the 25th of October 2019, to highlight the continued plight of Zimbabweans suffering under the kleptocratic and cruel ruling regime.  The atmosphere was made tense, by the constant heavy Police presence and the continued arrests made on Extinction Rebellion protesters, under section 14 powers as published by the BBC, CNN and ITV.
ZHRO 16 October 2019 by Sarah Bayisayi

On arrival at the Zimbabwe Embassy London, at 429 the Strand.  Whilst setting up, the light talk was filled with concern for those who are struggling in Zimbabwe under the despotic and cruel ruling ZANU PF regime.  Folk were also discussing the events of next week Friday the 25th of October 2019.  The plan by ZHRO leadership is to join hands with other organisations and march to the Tanzanian Embassy, from the Zimbabwe Embassy.  The vigil started off with a heartfelt prayer that was said by Molly Ngavaimbe on a sunny yet cold Wednesday late morning.

The singing was led by the two sisters Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi.  During the Vigil, there was an extremely heavier than normal police presence, caused by the continuing presence of Extinction rebellion protesters.  They have been banned from protesting in London and were being arrested under section 14 orders.  ZHRO members were not questioned at all by the police who now seem to be used to the Weekly Vigil.  At the end of the vigil, an announcement was made on ZHRO’s Facebook page by Sarah Bayisayi who is in the ZHRO organising team, Alfredy Mukuvare the Vice Chairman on ZHRO UK and Philip Mahlahla the London Chairman of ZHRO, regarding the planned march and protest scheduled for the 25th of October 2019. 

In the announcement, they said that ZHRO will be meeting as usual at 11am outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London.  Those gathered will them march starting at 12 midday towards the Tanzanian High Commission and peacefully protest there for the rest of the day.  The route which has not yet been confirmed, will be formerly advised to all in due course. 

The organisers have advised that, there are folk from Scotland, Europe and the USA who have intimated that they are attending, as they feel so strongly aggrieved with the current situation in Zimbabwe.  They have advised that the worlds media will likely have their eyes on the Zimbabwe diaspora community on this day.  With this in mind, they have rallied for as many people as possible to attend, so as to send a clear message to SADC (Southern African Development Community) and the ruling ZANU PF Regime, that the Diaspora community does not support the lies that are being peddled by ZANU PF regarding the reason why Zimbabwe is in such a dire state of Economic decline and thus the dearth of a number of basic essential Human Rights, which are meant to be provided by the government.

In a number of social media and standard media posts the Zimbabwean information ministry has alleged that SADC Heads of State will be backing the removal of sanctions on individuals and entities in Zimbabwe.  This is effectively claiming that sanctions are the main reason for the failing Zimbabwean economy and that, in effect there aren’t any Human Rights abuses by ZANU PF using state resources and its proxies.  The intentions of SADCC have been made clear in section 15 of the communique of the SADCC 39th Summit of Heads of State, dated 17-18 August 2019.  It seems clear that they have most likely been ill advised.

The main sanctions that ZANU PF officials seem to be against, are the ZIDERA (Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act) sanctions.  The facts are that, they were imposed on 141 entities and senior officials in the Zimbabwe administration.  They were imposed over their violation of human rights, economic mismanagement and wholesale kleptocracy within the ruling elite, who seem to be either so aloof to the suffering of the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe, or not bothered at all how many lose their lives due to their calamitous wrecking of such a rich and well endowed country. 

The constant humbug that is excreted by some of those in the ZANU PF information ministry is often pure, unfiltered baseless lies.  Therefore, the planned peaceful protest will be to highlight to the Head of SADC, President John Magufuli who is also the President of Tanzania and the other SADC Heads of State that the ZANU PF regime should not be let off the hook.  The sanctions must remain.  If officials under sanctions cannot trade with their ill-gotten gains, they should let the normal Zimbabweans who are not under sanctions trade, or, they (those under sanctions) need to lead the country to reform and thus they need to change the way they run the country, simple.

The vigil that was meant to be held on Wednesday 23 October 2019 has thus been officially moved and ZHRO will thus meet on Friday 25th of October 2019.  The arrests of members of extinction rebellion, and their being banned from London should thus make it easier for all to travel around London on the 25th of October.  More announcements will be posted by ZHRO as the day of the SADC protest draws nearer.

A Special thank you goes to all who attended today.  To Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi who drove again this week following the incidents of last week when they were so late to arrive.  To Molly Ngavaimbe who was at the front table for the majority of the vigil.  To all who attented as without you the vigil would not have been the same.

In other news it has been reported that ZANU PF is now seeking talks with MDC.  Credible reports have made it clear that the MDC leadership have refused to talk to ZANU PF, thus throwing pure freezing liquid nitrogen over the idea of another GNU (Government of National Unity).  One therefore wonders if ZANU PF have it in their conscience to be honourable and perform, as the Japanese Samurai would put it, “a hara-kiri,” on their ruling Zimbabwe and let MDC take over and fix the broken country.

By ZHRO Team

Monday 14 October 2019

Protest hindered by another protest

ZHRO 9 October 2019 Planned Peaceful Vigil

Protest Hindered by another Protest 😰

Group photo by Tapiwa Muskwe 2019 October 9

The ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation) planned weekly peaceful vigil protest at 429, The Strand London, was held on Wednesday 9th October 2019.  It was a sombre and worrying day for all.  Firstly, the continued Doctors strike in Zimbabwe was making all extremely worried for those in Zimbabwe who now also do not have full access to a basic human right (Right to Health Care), among other Human Rights that are already missing and are being impinged by the so called Zimbabwe Government.  Secondly the Extinction Rebellion Climate Change Protest had blocked roads leading into Central London, thus affecting all driving into London, especially in this case, those driving to the Zimbabwe Embassy, with the drums and colourful banners and leaflets.

Those gathered were also lamenting the latest crazy but real, threat of the ZANU PF Regime, that they (ZANU PF) were likely going to soon pass a law to arrest some internet commentators, thus putting all who comment on the internet, through Facebook and WhatsApp, potentially in grave danger, especially those in Zimbabwe.  Fortunately, for those in the UK, they are free to express themselves, as free speech and speaking truth to power is encouraged. 

Some in Zimbabwe who have already been gagged using the State apparatus by ZANU PF are the Zimbabwe 7.  George Makoni, Nyasha Frank Mpahlo’s, Tatenda Mombeyarara, Gamuchirai Mukura, Farirai Gumbonzvanda, Stabile Dewa and Rita Nyamping.  It is reported by Human Rights Watch that all 7 were arrested on their return from a workshop in the Maldives.  The workshop was hosted by the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies and focused on peaceful resistance.  The charge sheets against the activists specified the meeting and its training in civil disobedience.  It is thus felt by most in ZHRO, that this new law, will be used to target those who comment online in the same way the Zimbabwe 7 have been targeted.

After arrival, it became obvious to all, that the Drums and other instruments that are usually used had not yet arrived with Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi.  The two courageous and bold sisters travel all the way from the South coast of England weekly and have become an integral part of ZHRO weekly Vigil Protest.  The delay was due in a large part to the road closures that were caused by Extinction Rebellion, Climate Change Protest. 

The Strand and other roads that lead onto Trafalgar Square were closed, thus making it extremely difficult for Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi to arrive on time.  They are usually amongst the first to arrive, so to be over an hour late, was out of the ordinary.  There were some tourists who looked like they were American.  They stopped to watch the protesters and enjoyed what they saw, they smiled and clapped after every song.

At around 12:30, it was becoming more and more apparent that they were not going to able to make it by 12:40.  The concern was now if they would make it at all, furthermore without the drums other instruments and the banners, the singing was not as lively as folk are used to, thus folk felt the cold, much more than usual.  Some of those gathered decided to make their way home, with just a handful remaining to take videos and chat about other administrative matters.  Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi finally arrived some minutes after 12:40 and participated in some of the administrative matters being discussed.  They were and understandably and obviously upset with the whole siuation, however, they did a very good job of putting on happy faces for the camera.

As much as it is important for all to have the right to protest, the question of sometimes overplaying ones hand and over protesting, to an extent that authorities end up banning certain types of protest is a risk that the Extinction Rebellion leaders need to consider.  This right to peaceful protest has been hard won in the UK, especially including the right to block roads and conduct sit inns.  The great question, undoubtedly in the U.K. is likely going to be, “how much disruption is too much disruption?”

Special thank you goes to Chigika Lifa Phiri who led most of the singing, along with Molly Ngavaimbe.  Philip Mahlahla who took most of the photos as the ZHRO Designated camera man.  All who attended, as without them, the day would not have happened.  More announcements were made regarding the planned march from Zimbabwe Embassy in London to, the planned peaceful protest outside the Tanzanian High Commission in London near Bond Street Underground Station on the 25th of October 2019.  

The next ZHRO peaceful Vigil planned protest will be on Wednesday 16th October 2019, at 429 the Strand London.  To find out more, join ZHRO, attend one the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.

Kingstone Jambawo                      079 0486 1744
Sarah Bayisayi                               078 7728 7869
Phillip Mahlahla                             074 5282 8229
Thabo Makuyana                            079 4459 0970


Sunday 6 October 2019


ZANU PF Resoundingly Beaten Home and Away                   

As ZANU PF Manufactured a crowd, Real Zimbabweans rose up Home and Away

Being beaten at home and away.  This seems to be the new default setting of the ZANU PF media spin room.  From Minister Energy Mutodi, the apparent Toilet Papers (Chronicle and Herald) and the so called Permanent Liars (Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana).  The question we are all left asking, but at the same time finding it difficult to answer is why?  What happened last week, that made them go into, over drive and then hyper speed?

New York
1) ZANU PF Hired Dec 12th Movement in USA

It all started out with the rent a crowd fiasco at the United Nations on the 21st of September 2019.  It spectacularly back fired on ZANU PF.  ZANU PF had hired, December 12th Movement activists (D12), apparently not for the first time.  
Some of the D12 activists are likely descendants of slaves, as such, for them to be used by ZANU PF, to call for an end to the smart targeted sanctions that are actually aimed at preventing the continuous Human Rights Abuses, Zimbabweans face on a day to day basis, at the hands of ZANU PF and its proxies, shows that ZANU PF will stoop to any level, when it comes to protecting what they have.  They (ZANU PF) will even use African Americans some of whom are descendants  of Slaves, who think they are actually helping the people of Zimbabwe, yet unwittingly, they are doing the opposite.  
The fact that they (D12), can work with ZANU PF, allegedly get paid, and continue doing business with ZANU PF, in itself shows that sanctions do not affect D12, which is a USA based organisation.  If the sanctions really were on Zimbabwe, they (D12) would not be able to work with ZANU PF at all.  Unfortunately the sanctions have not yet managed to reach those who are raping Zimbabwe’s economy and stashing their ill-gotten gains in the Eastern and Western banks whilst you read this.
Those from D12 were holding some Zimbabwean flags, what looked like ZANU PF party flags, they wore T-shirts that had the face of Zimbabwe's current President and they had placards that are obviously from and are pro ZANU PF.  They were walking the streets of New York shouting, among other things, "No to sanctions, End the sanctions and sanctions kill."
Photo 1) shows the December 12th Acivists, who were hired by ZANU PF in the USA, doing the job they had apparently been paid to do.

Photo 3) shows a USA citizen admitting that he was given the ZANU PF regalia that day, this was live on Vuka Zimbabwe.  Photo 3) may also be viewed by clicking the link below.  https://news.pindula.co.zw/2019/09/23/watch-december-12-movement-gave-me-a-t-shirt-one-non-zim-protester-admits/

You may click just below the photos (description) to view the facebook live videos

2) Vuka Zimbabwe & VOA agent, on Zimeye

3) USA Citizen being taught about ZANU PF

Photo 2) shows VOA field agent being asked pointy questions by Vuka Zimbabwe and her trying to plead the 5th in the USA.  This was live on Zimeye.
Above (Photo 2) shows the VOA Shona field spokesperson being asked pointy uncomfortable questions by Vuka Zimbabwe on Zimeye.  The questiones included how she was the first one to interview Dr Peter Magumbeyi on VOA Shona.  What follows is her firstly trying to plead the fifth amendment, then later she haplessly tries to explain herself out of how she was the first one to interview the Dr .  Dr Peter Magumeyi was abducted by proxies of ZANU PF in Zimbabwe.  As uncomfortable as it was for her, this act, was a bright light on the lengths that some will go for Benjamins.  The fact that she was focussing of MDC, yet, it seems she was meant to be focussing on D12, is likely to have angered ZANU PF, whom she is also alleged to have links with.  

True Zimbabweans, by birth or descent, gathered at the U.N. in New York.  Unlike D12, they were not paid.  They were protesting against the office of the President of Zimbabwe at the U.N. wanting the smart sanctions to be removed.  They (Zimbabweans) met face to face with the D12 activists.  Naturally, as guns for hire, they (D12) retreated with their tails between their feet, although they were more than double in number compared to the true Zimbabweans.  


In another video unlike the ZANU PF rented crowd, Proud and Patriotic Zimbabweans gathered in London, to protest against ZANU PF Human Rights abuses taking place daily in Zimbabwe.  They used their own money, from their own pockets and also gave up their own time to protest freely.  

4) ZHRO Walk for freedom 2019

Some (Photo 4) even did a 105km walk from Brighton to Hampton Court Train Station in London (ZHRO Walk for Freedom), starting at 6:30am in Brighton on the 21st of September 2019 and ending on the 22nd of September 2019 at around 8:30am, at Hampton Court Train Station.  

5) Salani Mutseyami in London on 21/09/2019
One of those speaking at the peaceful London demonstration outside the Zimbabwe Embassy on the 21st of September 2019 was Independent Human Rights Activist, Salani Mutseyami who said, “We are Zimbabweans first before anything else, so, if we can gather here as Zimbabweans’ we can build our country.  Look at what happened to our Dr, he was abducted.If we had made the same noise for Itayi Dzamara, do you think we wouldn’t have him here with us right now.  There was a serious problem that happened, there was not enough noise, for a Brother who just said, Mugabe Step Down…..Right now, his family and us don’t know what happened to him.”  Rose Maponga then added, lets make noise for his body to be brought back.”  “yes,” Salani Metseyami added.  She finished off saying, “Even if it’s the woman who sells tomatoes on the side of the road is taken, we should stand up and all stand up and advocate.


Following the release of Dr Peter, the angst in Zimbabwe and the general environment is against ZANU PF (click here).  The recent actions of the executive office (over spending and executive over reach) has not changed, the ill feeling of ordinary Zimbabwens against the ruling Junta.  With citizens suffering from crippling inflation of over 750%, according to Profeessor Steve Hank, the U.N. helping to distribute food in Zimbabwe, the shear opulance that those in the ZANU PF leadership enjoy, or those linked to them actually live in is quite frankly shocking and eye watering to all.  Considering the simple fact that the internet has brought comunyties closer, folk are now able to highlight, the exact failures of the regime and most of the looting that is taking place, from the bottom, to the top of ZANU PF and the internet is buzzing with anger at ZANU PF.   

Politically, the ZANU PF, big wiggs are spitting teeth, over the MDC MP's refusing to listen to the SONA (State Of the Nation Address), by the leader of the Junta and current President of Zimbabwe. 

At the time of writting, the Doctors in zimbabwe were still on strike, despite the release of Dr Peter Magumbei and the Teachers, were threatening to join the strikes in solidarity.


  • The main reason for this whole, extremely, expensive blaster, was to hide the simple fact that, visible to the Zimbabwean people and the rest of the world, that Zimbabwe, whilst being led by ZANU PF, have for the past 20 years especially, been lied to, regarding the true cause of Zimbabwes misery.  
  • 6) Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Issuing Blank cheques
  • Just like ZANU PF manufactured a crowd using the tax payers’ money, they have manufactured the actual and real suffering of Zimbabweans.  In fact, one can argue, that, they really want the suffering to happen.  Whilst on the international arena, ZANU PF really wanted it to seem as if, Zimbabweans in the USA did not want smart sanctions at all.  It was rather an unintended consequence of the Zimbabwe Governments theatre and blaster, that their hired hands were met by the true children of Zimbabwe who although outnumbered, could not be threatened, upstaged or outgunned.

  • The simple fact that, Corruption is the real cause of poverty, was made clear at the United Nations by the leader who will definitely not be on Mnangagwa or ZANU PF’s and most likely most African leaders Christmas good wishes and presents list.  This was said by the Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran khan (Photo 8).

  • The twitter feeds of pro ZANU PF media spokes persons were constantly feeding the same rhetoric, in as many different ways as they could invent and the toilet papers were always extremely happy to print the lies in support of ZANU PF.

By Thabo Makuyana

ZANU PF apparently hired D12.  The link below (Photo 7) shows ZBC covering a meeting they had earlier in the year.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Planned Vigil Protest 02 October 2019

The vigil started with a prayer by, Molly Ngavaimbe, who just two weeks earlier, was one of the seniors that caused the closure of the Zimbabwe Embassy.  Those present started the protest and almost continuously, for over an hour and half kept singing different songs as seen on the ZHRO Facebook page of 2nd October 2019. 

The planned ZHRO Vigil this week at the Zim
ZHRO GROUP PHOTO 2 OCTOBER 2019, BY Phillip Mahlahla
babwe Embassy was shared far and wide on social media by those watching.  On arrival setting up was commenced and ZHRO members discussed the latest current affairs in the UK and in Zimbabwe.  Some discussed Brexit and its possible implications, others discussed the issues that are affecting Zimbabweans in the UK and in Zimbabwe, including the continued abuses and the report from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association.

Following the release of Dr Peter Magumbei, after the huge world-wide media outcry, to force the Zimbabwe Government and its proxies to release him, including all the Doctors in Zimbabwe’s Public and Private sectors going on strike, his fight to leave Zimbabwe was lamented by those in conversation.  His having to leave Zimbabwe for his own safety, was well understood by the ZHRO members, as the regime in power seems to show all the time that they do not care, about the people they are meant to be leading and their Human Rights. 

With songs such as “ZANU PF Ngaiende (ZANU should Go), Vote Yangu Mai Mwana (My Vote Mother) and ZANU Yaora Zvekupedzesera (ZANU is beyond Rotten), those protesting peacefully outside the Zimbabwe Embassy received so much support.  This included unsolicited donations from members of the public.  Some of the public also signed the ZHRO petitions and stopped to talk to the brave souls, who dared to put their heads above the parapet and call for Human Rights in Zimbabwe.  One of those who stopped to talk and offer his best wishes, was a man born in Zimbabwe in the 1950’s or 1960’s.  He stressed that Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, with beautiful people and that he knows what is happening (regarding human rights) and in his view it is awful. 

At the end of the Vigil a prayer was said my Junior Madzimure, one of the ZHRO seniours.

A great big thank you, goes to all who attended and continue to attend the ZHRO Weekly Wednesday Vigil.  It is held weekly, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London England at, 429 The Strand, WC2R 0JR.  Especially to Philip Mahlahla who takes almost all the photos at ZHRO, Wednesday Vigil Protest, Rashiwe and SarahBayisayi who travel from the South coast of England and this week lead most of the singing with help from Jenatry Muranganwa and Thulani Nyemba who helped with the front table. 

  • Following the planned peaceful protest, a meeting was held and those gathered were reminded that there will be the ZHRO Annual General Meeting soon.  Those gathered were advised by Sarah Bayisasi that they had to show their commitment so that a date could be set. 
  • Philip Mahlahla also reminded those gathered that this weekend there is the ZHRO Monthly meeting at the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday 6th October 2019.
  • In other news, it has been reported in the Human Rights Watch website, on the 27th of September 2019, that Clement Nyaletsossi Voule, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association, has highlighted “serious deterioration of the political, economic and social environment since (election period) August 2018 resulting in fear, frustration and anxiety among a large number of Zimbabweans.  The heading of the Article in human rights watch is “UN Expert Shocked by Abuses in Zimbabwe.

By Thabo Makuyana

ZHRO Successfully Protests the planned return of Green Bombers

Members of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) met on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London to protest t...