Tuesday 27 August 2019

ZHRO Vigil 21 August 2019

Barbaric ZANU PF terrorises 
Innocent and Peaceful Zimbabweans

In yet another week filled with random and systemic abductions including that of comedians, painful beatings at the hands of masked armed men, cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment of Political and Human Rights activists, at the hands of Government proxies, resulting in life changing injuries to some and total desperation for all those affected.  

Gonyeti was apparently abducted, tortured and made to drink sewage
This time, there had not been any planned protest in Harare.  Just ordinary people going about their business, videos apparently showing the wanton destruction of property, the whaling cries of those afflicted, the undeniable distressed screeching scream from a woman being physically assaulted in broad daylight, all deliberately brought upon ordinary members of the public, by violent and seemingly sadistic hooligans, who are apparently representing the Zimbabwe Republic Police, on Saturday 25th August 2019, with the cameraman saying, "this is Zimbabwe on a Saturday," should make anyone with a beating heart worry about the safety of all Zimbabweans, activist or not.

The Universality of Pain, the Universality of affliction, the Universality of being brutally bastardised or being Killed by State Sanctioned violence has led to joint Statements by a number of Governments that are members of the U.N. Security Council through their representatives, where they have condemned the ZANU PF led Zimbabwe Government.

ZHRO London Leadership, on the side of Chief Ndiweni 
This Universality of pain, is what actually led to the formation of the United Nations and the Declarations of Human Rights that are known the world over.  It is also what has led ZHRO and its members to Protest Weekly and if need be for the sake of others, who are in Zimbabwe, ZHRO is imploring all Zimbabweans proud and passionate to make their voices heard and their numbers count by attending the ZHRO Vigil Protests on Wednesdays, because, those in Zimbabwe can not.

Special thanks go to the following, Molly Ngavaimbe who gave us the opening prayer, the singing and chanting which was shared by Sarah Bayisayi, Mary Mateyerwa and Rashiwe Bayisayi.  Then to Sibongile Bvungidzire who closed the vigil with a special prayer for the people of Zimbabwe that was said in Ndebele.

ZHRO group photo 21 August 2019
Those who attended as per the official ZHRO Vigil Register were Mary MuteyerwaMolly NgavaimbeTinashe AliseniTapiwa Muskwe, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Sibongile Bvungidzire, Philip Mahlahla, Thabo MakuyanaTryness NcubeZenzo SizibaSenzeni Sibindi and Sarah Bayisayi.

To find out more, join ZHRO, attend one the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.

Kingstone Jambawo                        079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                 078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                              074 528 28229

By Thabo Makuyana

Wednesday 21 August 2019

21 August 2019 Vigil Planning

21 August 2019 Vigil Planning

Command and Control

The ZHRO Leadership has advised that ZHRO will be returning to the usual Wednesday Vigil Slot this week on Wednesday 21st August 2019.  The leadership will no doubt have quite a few issues to deal with this week and going forward.

Mother and Daughter United We Stand
The success of the planned peaceful demonstration on the 16th of August 2019 at the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 The Strand, London, England, has been well received by the majority of the Zimbabwean diaspora community.  The lamentations of all Zimbabweans at home and abroad who support free speech, democracy, the right to peaceful protest, exemplary governance an independent Judiciary but most of all, peace, have been made ever clearer following the brutal crackdown, of Peaceful demonstrators, by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, who work at the behest and specific instructions of the ruling party ZANU PF.

The matters they will have to deal with include but are not limited to, the anger that the people who attend feel towards the Zimbabwe Government since Friday the 16th of August 2019 compared to the anguish they felt before.  With rousing speeches from a number of people in attendance, who are not the leaders of Civic and Political organisations, including self confessed independent Human Rights Activist, Salani Mutseyami, they showed their pain and anger at the events that had taken place in Zimabwe.  Especially the brutality faced by what looked like a Grand Mother in front of the Worlds media, without any shame or self control by the officers who descended on the crowds that had initially been sitting down and not looting, as falsely anticipated by the ZANU PF Led regime, who have full control of the State of Zimbabwe.  “They just stepped on her,” said Chinyanga (This is very sanitised, plenty more was said.  Please visit the Facebook pages of MDC Reading, ZHRO, Zimeye and others for the full videos). 
ZHRO London Chair speaking to Police

The anger was so great that some like “Chinyanga” threatened to close the Embassy whilst speaking to the Police.  On this point, ZHRO, ROHR and MDC were rather mute , however there is no doubt that, they will have to think long and hard about the management of the future Planned Demonstrations, Vigil Protests and likely actions of angry, normally peaceful people acting out of character.

In a rather ironic twist, when the UK Police were called to the Zimbabwe Embassy on the 16th of August 2019, not one person was arrested or injured and no property was damaged.  This is in stark contrast to the events in Harare and the rest of Zimbabwe days before, including and after the 16th of August 2019. 

In another rather weird situation, Mohammed Jamjoom a Presenter on Aljazeera News Network, mentioned that the Zimbabwean Governments spokesman pulled out minutes before the show aired on the 16th of August 2019.  Chipo Dendere - Professor of African studies at Wellesley College

And Patricia K Chinyoka – Political Activist, Spokeswoman for The Movement for Democratic Change in the UK and Ireland were the guests on the show.  With Chipo Dendere highlighting the Zimbabwe Governments suspension of announcing any inflation numbers, “I think that suggests that things are Pretty Bad,” made it clear for all to understand the dire economic situation Zimbabwe is in.

When asked what the opposition is doing to address the situation in Zimbabwe visa vis Corruption, Patricia Chinyoka said, “the marches were meant to be part of the oppositions move towards addressing corruption, however, the marches have been handled with a Heavy hand by the ruling party”.  She also said, “We (MDC) are challenging the current Government to ensure that every body, every Minister, that is involved, that is implicated, in any corrupt activities, are brought to justice.  She then followed later saying, “Internally ourselves (MDC) any issues are dealt with, as would any organisation.

The Command and Control of the Human Rights Activists will have to be stepped up by the ZHRO leadership this Wednesday, as, for sure, The British Government, The Metropolitan police and even the United Nations will more than likely have an ear listening to what happens this Wednesday at 429 The Strand.

To find out more, join ZHRO, attend one the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.

Kingstone Jambawo                        079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                    078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                                074 528 28229

By Thabo Makuyana

Tuesday 20 August 2019

ZHRO Vigil 7 August 2019

ZHROVigil 7 August 2019

The Calm Before The Storm

This weeks planned Vigil was rather quiet, compared to the week before.  The attendees were much fewer than normal.  The planning for the Walk for Freedom was well under way.  Thus the vigil was missing Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi who apparently have not missed a ZHRO Wednesday Vigil for 1 year solid. 

Banners were created and printed by Panashe Muyeye.  Leading the Singing was shared by most of the vigil attendees, however, Molly Ngavaimbe, Tinotenda Chihope and Chegika Lifa Phiri led most of the singing.  Alfredy Mukuvare (ZHRO Vice Chairman) advised that, despite threats and intimidation, the ZHRO Vigil will continue.  He thanked and encouraged those in attendance.  He then asked those in attendance to go to the court case of Orivasi Madondo which is on Friday the 9th of August 2019.

Some who attended Vigil on Wednesday 7 August 2019
It was during this Vigil that, the news of there being a possible Mass Protest on the 16th of August 2019 was first brought to the attention of ZHRO Leadership by Orivasi Madondo and he was backed up by Molly Ngavaimbe.  Alfredy Mukuvare advised that, the Leadership would need to discuss the issue and would advise in due course. 

The mass protest was triggered by the MDC Leader, Nelson Chamisa.  At the time of writing, the protest had changed from an MDC Protest to a Citizens protest, supported by a multitude of Human Rights and other Civic Organisations that are concerned at the lack of Human rights in Zimbabwe, a country that got its own independence essentially through an extremely bloody fight for Human Rights.

Those who attended the Vigil as per the Register were, Thabo Makuyana, Orivasi Madondo, Molly Ngavaimbe, Panashe Muyeye, Chegika Lifa Phiri, Tinotenda Chihope, Tapiwa Muskwe, Alfredy mukuvare.

By Thabo Makuyana

The Right to Protest

The Right to Public Mass Protest

Was shown not to exist in Zimbabwe by the perceived actions of the staff at the Zimbabwe Embassy.  During setting up, there was a visit from the Metropolitan police.  There were three officers.  The initial conversation started out with the officer asking the expected questions.  He almost seemed to know who to go to.  Mr Philip Malhahla, was quick to answer, “We are here usually from around 11:00 am until around 01:00 pm,”he said in a calm manner.

  “We are peaceful people,” he continued.  “We are here all the time,” shouted one of the ZHRO members.  “I know!” the officer replied, as the conversation continued.  The officers left by going back to their car which was parked near Raymans, along the Strand.  It was rather unusual but not surprising as the ZHRO Wednesday Weekly Vigil protest has been going for some years now and has not been visited by police at the start in this way for some time. 
On this day quite a number of folks had arrived by 11:30am and setting up had already been commenced.  Folk inside the embassy could be seen looking at the protest and gesticulating towards those protesting.  “They must have called the police,” one of the protesters said.

“We are not going anywhere,” Chipochedenga Parirenyatwa exclaimed.  “Apa ndepedu apa (This is now our space and time),” she continued.  The current right to protest in Zimbabwe is being met with threats by among others Victor Matemadanda who on the 28th of July 2019 is quoted to have said, “We will send Soldiers who are trained to kill.”  This has resulted in the MDC President Nelson Chamisa being reluctant to call the masses out to protest in fear for the likely massive loss of life, yet it is a basic human right the world over to protest.
Shortly after the Police left, a middle aged man came from within the Zimbabwean Embassy and said he was from a company that is trying to build hospitals in Zimbabwe.  He said the Zimbabwe government would pay deposits first, then the UK companies would go to Zimbabwe and start the building of the hospitals with their own money.  He seemed keen to insist that no Government officials would be getting their hands on the money.  Government Ministers can simply get the contracts for the supply of Labour, Machinery, Materials or Financial Products then hey Presto, like magic, what he has said is thrown out with the bath water.

He also seemed keen to point out that the Zimbabwe Government would be paying for the Hospitals in instalments, which obviously means foreign currency.  Most of the remittances of foreign currency to Zimbabwe, are from the Diaspora and not from Exports.  The keenness of the Zimbabwe Embassy to stop the Wednesday Vigil protest then became as clear as day.  They (The Zimbabwe Embassy) were actually meeting with the UK companies to try and strike the deals during the ZHRO Protests and ZHRO Protesting could potentially affect the outcome of their deals, as ZHRO know how to make noise.

“I am actually shocked that you have not poured water on me,” said the middle-aged man.  This statement was greeted with laughter by the ZHRO team he was talking to.  He then subtly tried to push the government line that Zimbabwe was actually better off, now without the $USD as main tender than with the $USD.  He followed on saying that the main fault for the current crises in Zimbabwe lies with the Mugabe regime and that Mnangagwa was actually trying to fix things.  This is despite the fact that Mnangagwa was in Government for almost all of the time that Mugabe was in power.

Rushiwe Bayisayi, then responded to this by saying, “even if you are not in Government, then you do well.  At the end of the day, it is Government that will come in and say, Oh, look at what we have done.  Isn’t this good?”  He had no answer for this.

He then praised the currency changes and likened what is happening now in Zimbabwe to what happens in the UK. “ One needs to take money to the bank or bureau de change” he said with a smile.  “If the money can not be changed here (in the UK), it is B*&@ S^*$, its is proper B*&@ S^*$,” Chipo Parirenyatwa exclaimed.  “The day it can be changed here (in the UK), I will say it is good.  Till then sorry.”  The other challenge is that the Zimbabwe dollar was removed using Parliament voting and Law makers actually voted on this issue.  The reinstatement of the Zimbabwe Dollar would thus most likely have needed to be reinstated through the Parliamentary voting system.  This may be seen as a lack of due process on the part of the Government.  This is going by the explanation given by the former Finance Minister Tendai Biti.

The next topic was regarding the alleged corruption charges against a female ZANU PF Member of parliament.  (Her name has been left out to avoid prejudicing the case as it is live in court.) Its all a smoke screen some said.  “IT’S FAKE,” Rashiwe Bayisayi pointed out.  “Her bags were being carried for her,” Sarah Bayisayi added.”  “She could be going home every day,” Sarah Bayisayi continued.  “Apparently Ginimbe used to have Chicken Inn (deep fried chicken take away) every day,” she continued.  “One is allowed to have their relatives deliver food to them,” he responded, “so….”

“The axe of the law needs to fall on everyone in an equal measure,” stressed Rashiwe Bayisayi.  “Wiwa was in mahand crafs (Hand calfs), yet she (name withheld) was walking like a free person and she had her bags and food being carried for her.”  This was in reference to a statement by Themba Mliswa in parliament where he said, Ziyambi Ziyambi must erect a VIP section for Kleptocrats.  This statement was said on the 30th of July 2019.

When he was shown pictures of ZANU PF stone bakeries, the man looked on in shock.  “Zimbabwe is going backwards,” Sarah said.  “Ava varikurwara (These ones are ill)” Chipo added.  “It looks like a stone bread oven he said in shock.”  “IT ACTUALLY IS A STONE OVEN,” another ZHRO member shouted.  “How can you as children accept to be run by ancestral spirits (ne Mudzimu), whilst you are so young?”  Chipo Parirenyatwa asked.  “Those old ones never want to leave,” Chipo Parirenyatwa said in a calm voice.  The stone baked ovens are reportedly to be used for the commercial baking of bread for the masses.  There is a picture of a stone bakery within the grounds of ZANU PF Headquaters.  The reason the Government is pushing the idea of the stone bakeries, is that there are up to 18 hour power outages in some parts of Zimbabwe, thus making it difficult for companies (such as large scale bakeries) that rely on a steady supply of electricity to operate.
Chipochedenga Parirenyatwa then thanked the man for coming out to have a chat.  “As you can see your jacket is clean and dry.  There is no water.  If those ones in there come out, we will spray them,” she joked, whilst pointing at the Embassy.

The Vigil then got on and started with a Prayer as usual.  Announcements that were made included that for the 110km Walk for freedom that is going to start early in on Saturday the 10th of July in Brighton.

Later on, towards what was meant to be the end of the Vigil protest, a council employee accompanied by his colleagues came and asked about the Vigil.  The conversation was similar to that had with the Police.  The council employee left within 5 minutes and this made those attending the Vigil increase their volume and stay for much longer at the Vigil than was initially intended.  

Some people who looked like they were from the companies that had been talked about earlier were later seen leaving the Zimbabwean Embassy, whilst folk in the Embassy continued looking on and gesticulating at the vigil.  This then acted as a prompt for the end of the Vigil.

Thank you to all who attended the Vigil.

Friday 9 August 2019

ZHRO Joins the rest of Zimbabwe

ZHRO Rallies for Protest on Friday 16th August 2019.

Following recent announcements by the MDC Leadership that they have a planned Global Protest for Friday 16th August 2019, ZHRO Leadership have made the announcement that they will be moving the planned weekly protest from Wednesday 14th August 2019 to Friday 16th August 2019, so as to coincide with the planned MDC protest.

Since writing started, events in the U.K. are moving at an extremely fast pace.  There is a great likelihood that the protest will be a Citizens Movement instead of being run by any one organisation.

The potential for the ZHRO Protest moving from Wednesday 14 August 2019 to Friday 16th August 2019 was first highlighted at the ZHRO weekly Wednesday Vigil Protest on the 7th of August 2019 by Alfredy Mukuvare, Vice Chairman of ZHRO UK, when the likelihood of a protest was brought up by Orivasi Madondo and backed up by Moly Ngavaimbe.

By Thabo Makuyana

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