Monday 29 June 2020

Destiny awaits those who want to Dictate their Democracy

On the 16th of October 2019, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) met and held a Vigil at the Zimbabwe Embassy, which is at 429 the Strand London, in the UK.  A Rallying call was made by ZHRO and other Human Rights Activists and Organisations to protest the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) march that was going to be in Zimbabwe and was planned by ZANU PF.

The rest is actual history and ZANU PF will likely want to forget this day, as it was probably the first time the nation spoke in unison by boycotting the event spearheaded by one Nick Mangwana, the Perpetual Liar in Chief.

The return of ZHRO is undoubtable, because the fight for Human Rights in Zimbabwe continues.

The release of Young Politician of the Year Nominee, Honorable MP Joanna Mamombe, along with Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova (MDC 3) who are young, courageous, distinguished Zimbabwean young Women who lead the progressive youth of Zimbabwe, is greatly welcomed by ZHRO.

Their protracted detention has been lamented by all at ZHRO, who in ordinary times would have been likely caused the closure of the Zimbabwe Embassy in London by Protesting their cruel degrading and inhuman treatment coupled with their now continued degradation of rights.

Given that they (The MDC 3) have been banned from using social media as part of their bail conditions.  ZHRO kindly requests that someone advises them verbally that, ZHRO Leadership, ZHRO members, especially along with Molly Ngavaimbe and Sibongile Bvungidzire who are alleged to have caused the closure of the Zimbabwe Embassy on the 18th of September 2019, wish they could have done the same again, by having another peaceful, planned, protest, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, at an earlier date.

It is very unfortunate but not surprising that, the ZANU PF, E. D. Mnangagwa led, Junta regime in Zimbabwe, is actually using COVID-19 as an excuse to literally burn, by throwing onto hot coals, the Human Rights of Zimbabwean Citizens, which are protected by the United Nations Convention on Human Rights and the Zimbabwean Constitution.  This includes the degradation of rights of a Female MP who has been shortlisted ahead of Hundreds of Thousands of other young Members of Parliament, as a nominee for the Young Politician of the year Award.

ZHRO is going to return.  When we do, will be just as active and quick to respond as we were before COVID-19.

By ZHRO Marketing

The next Wednesday Vigil protest will be announced on ZHRO official platforms.  ZHRO would like to encourage all its members to keep in touch through social media.

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Saturday 6 June 2020

MDC Youth beaten by Police on Police Floor; as ZANU PF Chinamasa says Black Lives Matter

A video surfaced on the 5th of June 2020 on Twitter @Takundatsunga that shows Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) Alliance Youth Deputy Spokesperson, Womberai Nhende, lying on the floor at Harare central Police Station after allegedly being severely beaten up by Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

This video was shot after the MDC-A Headquarters was taken over with alleged help from the Army and Police by MDC-T which belongs to Thokozani Khupe.

This evidence of wilful neglect of a very young man suffering after, “police brutality in Zimbabwe” (Which is common), is in stark contrast to the alleged ideals that Patrick Chinamasa was trying to portray when he was addressing media on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) on the 4th of June 2020 just a day earlier, as he and ZANU PF were trying to show that they meant to believe in Black Lives Matter.

We at Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation say, "Black Lives Matter Everywhere, Especially in Zimbabwe."

We are calling for a, Massive Peaceful Planned Mass Protest #MPPMP, to among other things show that by ZANU PF and its proxies not respecting black lives in Zimbabwe, it is affecting Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and the treatment blacks receive in other parts of the world.  This is likely because of the likely perception that, if our country does not care for black lives, so why should other governments and their citizens.

Reports are that Womberai Nhende has been taken to hospital; however there has still not been any official report into his condition.

Why MDC Members who are of such junior rank and file, continue to be persecuted in such vast numbers by ZANU PF and its proxies is baffling.  These are young men and women, who have likely joined the MDC as a result of the corrupt mismanagement of Zimbabwe by ZANU PF.  They have come out and voiced their fundamental rights to a brighter future and are being persecuted for it.  They are also likely to have little or no effect in any real big decisions within the MDC and do not threaten anyone in ZANU PF at election time.

Some are probably just young youths with nothing to do, live in or near the city and are looking for a space to be safe from the outside cruel world, so decide to join a political party; only to then be brutally beaten up to the point of hospitalisation and the cycle continues.

By ZHRO Marketing

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Monday 1 June 2020

Globally Black Lives Matter, Except in Zimbabwe

Globally Black Lives Matter, Except in Zimbabwe

The Black Lives Matter Movement has gone GLOBAL, yet
the torture of the MDC 3, is still not yet investigated.
Globally Black lives matter except in Zimbabwe
Torture of MDC 3, still not yet investigated.

The footage of the brutal, personal, slow and painful murder of Floyd George by

"Make White Great Again,"  

cap wearing former policeman, Derek Chauvin, whilst 3 of his colleagues looked on nonchalantly, seems to have gone global.

There have been protests in over 30 cities in the United States of America alone.  There have also been solidarity protests in  London, Cardiff, Berlin, Milan, Glasgow, Bristol, Denmark and Canada just to name a few countries and cities, with likely more protests planned.

Given the number of world wide protests, following the killing of Floyd George, the right to Freedom of Expression as stated in the United Nations Charter, signed and ratified by the counties above where the protests are taking place, seems to be standing tall in the context of the right to protest.  Further, the Freedom of Expression of MDC Alliance Zimbabweans, according to the Zimbabwean Constitution, is being strangled to death.

We at Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) are extremely concerned that the Freedom of Expression of Zimbabweans is being violently stifled by the Government of Emerson Mnangagwa

Even though there are active lockdowns in many of the countries and cities mentioned above, which have a combined population of over 850 million in total.  Compared to Zimbabwe, there has not been even one mention or accusation of an abduction or Torture of Activists by any of the states above.

There has not even been a single member of parliament arrested or questioned by the police for protesting.  There has not even been one person shot and wounded or killed during the protests.  Yet in Zimbabwe, the Government, including the courts, make fun out of the persecuted by making them wear prison uniforms whilst they are recovering in Hospital.  In Zimbabwe the government behaves as if black lives do not matter.

When the treatment of those involved in the Global Mass Protest (against the killing of Floyd George) in the West is further compared to the treatment of the MDC 3 and others in Zimbabwe, who numbered less than 500 and were involved in a simple flash protest; the actions of Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF), their state proxies Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the so called Third Force in Zimbabwe, it makes the ZANU PF look utterly useless at being democratic and at following the Conventions and Covenants they signed at the United Nations.

This assertion (of ZANU PF not keeping to their Covenants) is given even more credence, by the fact that Zimbabwe has less than 18 million people, compared to the combined population of the aforementioned countries.  The sheer and utter uselessness of ZANU PF is laid bare.

Further, the reluctance of ZANU PF and their proxies to investigate the abduction, torture, rape and sexual assault of the MDC 3 speaks volumes.  Especially when one of those treated in such a degrading, painful, inciting and insulting way is an actual sitting Member of Zimbabwe Parliament (MP).

Therefore the treatment of the activists and especially the MP, may be deemed as an actual act of terrorism by the same state forces and this actually threatens integrity of Zimbabwe as a country.

Which actually brings the whole debacle, solved or unsolved, to one conclusion.  There is a real and actual constitutional crisis in Zimbabwe, and it needs the people to solve it.
 "At the end of the day, the country, does belong to the people and not the government."
As such, the promises made by the MDC Alliance youth leaders, to protest, in response to the actions of ZANU PF, its information ministry, its ZRP and its third force are clear and understandable.  The reasons why the MDC Youth have made the promises to protest are noble.

For now, ZHRO can only wish you (MDC Alliance Youth) well and encourage you to be bold, be brave and exercise your God given rights.  ZHRO will soon join you, by returning to have a weekly peaceful Vigil protest every Wednesday, at 11am, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, at 429, The Strand, London.  Uniting to have a Peaceful, Massive, Mass Protest is arguably the only option left.  This will hopefully show ZANU PF, ZRP and their third force that yes, Black lives should matter, especially in Zimbabwe.

Shooting unarmed civilians does not make you a good and strong leader, it weakens you.  Tormenting the citizens does not make them fear you, it makes them hate you.

By Thabo Makayana

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