Tuesday 7 April 2020

COVID Lockdown Horrific Scenes in Harare

ZRP caught engaging in 
Horrible and Horrific Scenes in 

Zimbabwe human rights organisation (ZHRO) marketing department has received horrific evidence of Zimbabwean citizens being severely thrashed by police.

It has been reported that the thrashings and beatings were metered out to those said to have broken the lockdown imposed by the leader of the Junta Regime And leader of Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF).

Despite the fact that they are in defiance of the law, this does not justify the cruel, degrading and inhuman punishment that they are receiving at the hands of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) who are known ZANU PF proxies that seem to enjoy violence.

In the video one can actually be heard saying, "Street Kids," thus likely meaning the street kids don't have a place to call home and they also don't not have a place that they can beg.
Freedom from torture is a fundamental human right, accommodation, food and security are also fundamental human rights.  

Unfortunately the ZANU PF led ZIMBABWE Junta Government is not honouring a number of it's Basic Human Rights Covenents even in this difficult time of the World COVID-19 pandemic.
Instead, the Government through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and the Ministry of Finance of Zimbabwe, took away the savings and donations that Charities had built up in $USD for them to be able to look after the most vulnerable in society. They have not offered any tangible safety net in principle and in practice.

There is also clear evidence of them destroying food which instead could have been used to feed the same hungry street kids.  Unfortunately, the ZANU PF proxies and ZANU PF, seem to know nothing else and seem to have no known end to their evilness.

For the sake of the people of Zimbabwe, especially some of the over 10 million who are in abject poverty and are being assisted by the World Food Program (WFP), we are all as ZHRO united in calling for the immediate cessation of such acts hence forth by the ZRP.  

We are also calling on the Junta to feed the people and make payments as other Governments have done in the rest of the world.

Lastly we are also expecting healthcare for the poor to be the same as that for the elites.  Failure to do all the above will result in a campaign aimed at the freezing of assets of all those who are linked to the ZANU PF Junta Regime especially their bank accounts and tangible assets.  

The proceeds may then be used to feed and heal the people of Zimbabwe, especially during these most trying of times.

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