Tuesday 16 July 2019

ZHRO responds to Habitual Liar Nick Mangwana.

ZHRO has responded to VOA News questions, following the false allegations and libellous statements from habitual liar Nick Mangwana after the planned protest against S B Moyo and Nick Mangwana at Chatham House in London.

Kingstone Jambawo (ZHRO Representative) said, "What happened today shows the anguish of the Zimbabwean Diaspora, it shows the Desolation of the people of Zimbabwe, because the challenge we have is a challenge for all of us."

He continued saying, "What we are doing, is letting the British know that the (ZANU PF) Zimbabwean Government which they think has changed, which they think is good and they are welcoming, is the same as before.   Nothing has changed.  The people of Zimbabwe are not happy.  There is no electricity, there is no water, things are even worse than before."

ZANU PF, Security Agent with hamd in face of protester in
London on Friday 12th July 2019 at Chatham House
When asked what happened when S. B. Moyo got sprayed with water, Kingstone responded saying, "The main aim of all demonstrations is to highlight an issue and bring focus to that issue.  We genuinely want our demonstrations to go without any incidents, however, within our ranks, there are some who are more upset with the Zimbabwe (ZANU PF) Government than others, so things like that do happen from time to time.

ZANU PF UK Face book page
post, urges members to
identify the protesters
Our aim (as ZHRO) was not to throw water or anything else on the Minister.  Our aim was not to assault anyone (no one was assaulted on the Government side).  However due in a large part to the disenchantment of people and the anger the people have towards them (ZANU PF ) these things can happen.  This shows how upset people are with the Government (ZANU PF). 

When asked if ZHRO will make an apology and ask for forgiveness   The Ministers must ask for forgiveness from the people who they are making to suffer under their Kleptocratic and evil regime."  The Zimbabwe (ZANU PF) leaders seem to suffer from constant bouts of amnesia or maybe they a  Ghukurahundi, 2008, August 2018, January and February of 2019, have all been painfully tattooed into the memory and psyche of the majority of Zimbabweans who dared to vote for a party that is not ZANU PF.

re going senile.

from the Zimbabwe Government, Kingstone said, "the Zimbabwe Government is the one that must apologise and ask for forgiveness from the people of Zimbabwe.

Pupurai Togarepi, self styled Guru,
Hard line ZANU PF supporter,
with a habit of constantly
Predicting ZANU PF's next
With passion in his voice he added, "When they, the ministers come here (to the UK), they come here pretending that everything is ok, like as if they love their people and they want to fix the economy and bring human rights, however, what is really happening in Zimbabwe is totally different from what they (ZANU PF) are portraying."

"So, our goal is to make sure the UK government know that what they are being told (is lies) and what is happening are two totally different things."  If the U.K. Government closes its ears we will go to the U.K. people.

When asked what else ZHRO has done, besides protesting at the Zimbabwe Embassy on a weekly basis, Kingstone Jambawo ended saying, "amongst other things we have sent petitions to the Prime minister of the U.K. at number 10 Downing Street.  He added on later saying, "This was organised by those of Zimbabwean Birth and Descent.  The Zimbabwean Diaspora organised this.  We did not organise this as one organisation.  We were a number of different organisations."

Most of those protesting were middle aged and old women who are old enough to be mothers of the security agents who roughed them up.  They are not the same age at all and as S. B. Moyo could clearly be seen on camera he did not look threatened, or distressed, at all, nor was he actually physically touched, by any of the protesters.

The MDC press statement, clearly supposes that one of the ladies in question has reported the incident to police at Charing Cross Police Station in London.  We (ZHRO) will await further information on the matter and release more information to the media when necessary.

Here in the U.K. and in Europe it is accepted and the norm that when politicians and public figures go astray and cause upset in the communities they serve, they are pelted with eggs and milkshakes.  The protesters are not threatened with being crushed by the executive branch of the country they are protesting against. (Mnangagwa deleted a tweet threatening to crush the London protesters)

By ZHRO Team

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