Sunday 7 July 2019

ZHRO Vigil 26 June 2019 Mrs Loice Gomera speaks on The Systematic Abuse of Women and the Girl Child

ZHRO Vigil interviewing  
26 June 2019 
at 429 The Strand
Zimbabwe Embassy

This interview was held at 429 the Strand in London.  Mrs Gomera was giving her heartfelt concerns and views regarding an imminent shutdown in Zimbabwe, the likely military crackdown, highly possible raping of Women and Girls by the ZANU PF Proxies, which include the Police and Army and the current economic crises that is gripping Zimbabweans at the moment including the return of the Zimbabwe Dollar in its full form.

When asked about the re Zimbabwe Dollarization she said, “Its pathetic; I think they are just there to steal people’s money.  Like they did last time.”  She then goes on to briefly explain what has happened and ended this part saying, “they are up to no good.”
When asked about the likely impact on Women in Zimbabwe she said among other things, 

“that empowerment that was earlier on reduced, has now reducing them (to) next to nothing.  I even see (the) girl child not going to school, prostitution is going to be on the rise, HIV Aids, its just going to be a disaster…”
When asked about the possible strike that had been planned by Tajamuka, and the possible fears she has regarding the wellbeing of the girl child and women she said,

“There are no two ways about it.”  “Women are going to be violated, women are going to be raped and all sorts of things, and the girl child its even worse.  They always take advantage of that situation, the soldiers go out raping them, so its going to be a disaster and I don’t know which organisations can help out…”
 “Some of them are scared now, because they have been raped……”
“so, its chaos, it’s a chaotic situation, whereby they are not able to exercise their rights, if they stay at home, then who is going to stand up for them?  No one.  Then if they go there, they are being violated, their rights are being violated.  So since its not a free country, those who are supposed to be protecting you are the ones who are raping you, they are the ones who are violating your rights, it’s a nightmare."

When asked about the oaths, conventions and covenants that Zimbabwe signed at the UN ((CEDAW) The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is an international treaty adopted in 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly) she said among other things, “They just signed because they wanted to show a face, but their true colours are being shown with what is happening currently. 

When referring to the interview of the current Zimbabwean President by France 24 Published on 11 Feb 2019 where he said, “Its all stage managed;”  Mrs Gomera responded saying, “If a President would stand up and say someone is faking it (being raped) …..he (The President) is opening the door for any abuse, any abuser to come and abuse the women and girl child……  That was just signing of paper without anything, without, with no action at all.”

As per the register the ZHRO Vigil this week was attended by, Tapiwa Muskwe, Miriam Gusho, Tinotenda Chihope, Sibongile Bvungidzire, Loice Gomera, Panashe Gomera, Chipo Parirenyatwa, Simon Nyanhi, Reuben G Waretsa, Nyasha Nyabadza, Thabo Makuyana, Kingstone Jambawo, Alfredy Mukuvare, NehemiahMusonza (With Peace sign), Rashiwe Bayisayi, Sarah Bayisayi, Tryness Ncube, Flemming Diza (Holding No.39),and Ebson Chigwedere.

ZHRO vigil is held every week.  Please feel free to come and join ZHRO this Wednesday at 429 the Strand London.  To find out more, join ZHRO, attend the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.

Kingstone Jambawo                        079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                 078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                              074 528 28229

By Thabo Makuyana

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