Monday 22 July 2019

Cry out my beloved Zimbabwe

By Lindsey Zaranyika

So, it’s not that long ago that we as Zimbabweans were celebrating that we are free. It was when Mugabe was toppled from power by a bloodless coup not coup. After almost 40 years in power, the perceived architect and executioner was his (Mugabe's) political son and student of 50 years plus.  E. D. Mnangagwa.

We were all jubilant, with some of us screaming, "freedom and change is here", but now, with the one we ushered in, it (Human Rights abuse and lack of democracy) is even worse than when Mugabe was in power.  Unemployment, cost of living, electricity, fuel, education and health system, are all completely crippled.  So, where is the change where is the freedom how are we meant to be living and enjoying. 

RTGS the currency that was being used, that ban of any foreign currency trading.  The reintroduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar means, most pharmacies in Zimbabwe that import medication and health care equipment will just most likely shut down, and, then, where does it leave those in need? 

The so called hospitals and clinics  don’t not provide the necessary medication need, so to ban foreign currency  trading is putting the whole country on a stand still as now the country imports most things needed for day to day life including fuel and medication where the prices have gone sky high but salaries of most stay  the same.

Those fortunate enough to get paid and decide to import goods end up with the top brass imposing import bans and restrictions on goods apparently not produced in Zimbabwe.  The sad irony of this situation is that, the same top brass survives mostly on imports and it is their contacts and connections that have the few import permits that are given out.

Lack of adequate foreign currency Hospitals will woman survive child-birth, will emergency’s be dealt with what resources knows. Speak to anyone back home they don’t know what tomorrow apart from hunger, blackouts, uncertainty.

#Cry out my beloved Zimbabwe

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