Tuesday 17 August 2021

18th August Wednesday Vigil - NOT TODAY!

 Yes we have no bananas! and Yes we have no Wednesday Vigil today!?? 18th August 2021


Because we have the whole weekend to communicate the woes in Zimbabwe and the problems faced by the diaspora on our 5th Annual "Walk for Freedom" From Saturday 21st August at 6:00AM until around 11:00AM Sunday the 22nd August 2021 - after a 65 mile test of endurance!

In the light of the Humanitarian crisis in #Afghanistan [ the Home Office were forcibly removing Afghans up till last week!] we have to question how these repressive regimes [Afghanistan and Zimbabwe] are "assessed" by the Home Office - or is it all JUST POLITICAL POSTURING??

The so-called Zanu PF 'government' in Zimbabwe has not signed up for the Convention Against Torture, The so-called Zanu PF 'government' in Zimbabwe treats young girls as 'chattles' [see ZHRO Blog], and fails to uphold the law for their protection.

At the same time the Home Office in the UK has increased their [baseless] discrimination against those in the Zimbabwean diaspora - with 150 currently in detention!

Just why? What is wrong with our Home Office, why these draconian policies regarding Jamaicans, Zimbabweans, Afghans [we presume this will change any moment now], Nigerians, Ghanians and others of mainly African origin?

ZHRO have organised the "Walk for Freedom" annully since 2017. Prior to that the organising members had been pivotal in the 2016 ROHR Walk from Brighton to The Zimbabwean Embassy [via an over-night camp at Edenbridge - but too many were too stiff to continue]. 

Walk for Freedom
Finishing previous year's Walk for Freedom

So this year 2021 after the trials of State induced [lunatic] "lockdowns" and so-called "social distancing" [failed] measures we will [as in August 2020] set off in the early house from Brighton Pier.

We have real issues with both the UK Government AND the [failed] Zanu PF junta in Zimbabwe. Government 'over-reach' has reached Global proportions for the last 18 months. Its all about CONTROL and domination/fear. The so-called CV1984 'virus' is not even a serious health issue given the facts. Read for yourself -from 2020!!

Status of COVID-19: As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK. There are many diseases which can cause serious illness which are not classified as HCIDs.

Since this date the [propaganda] surrounding CV1984 has become almost a religion! Subsequently the Government appears to have decided that they can convince the public of anything. Thus the Climate hysteria and now all asylum seekers are "criminals" is their latest agenda.

World Governments via the media platforms are now conducting a "war" on what they deem as "MISINFORMATION" - but in reality it is them, that via Government [including WHO, WEF and Others] propaganda measure are the misinformation specialists. Look at the street demonstrations globally against lockdowns, health passports and vaccinations.  These are not random occurances, they are under-reported, but the numbers participating tell a much different story [to the state sponsored - One World Government narrative].

In this global context we are promoting our modest "Walk for Freedom" - Please join us!

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