Friday 18 October 2019

ZHRO Calls on SADC to Stop Propping Up Dictators.

ZHRO Calls on SADC 


Stop Propping Up Dictators

ZHRO (Zimbabwe human Rights Organisation) successfully held a planned peaceful Wednesday Vigil protest at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London, on the 16th of October 2019.  This protest was a prequel to the next planned peaceful demonstration, that is scheduled for the 25th of October 2019, to highlight the continued plight of Zimbabweans suffering under the kleptocratic and cruel ruling regime.  The atmosphere was made tense, by the constant heavy Police presence and the continued arrests made on Extinction Rebellion protesters, under section 14 powers as published by the BBC, CNN and ITV.
ZHRO 16 October 2019 by Sarah Bayisayi

On arrival at the Zimbabwe Embassy London, at 429 the Strand.  Whilst setting up, the light talk was filled with concern for those who are struggling in Zimbabwe under the despotic and cruel ruling ZANU PF regime.  Folk were also discussing the events of next week Friday the 25th of October 2019.  The plan by ZHRO leadership is to join hands with other organisations and march to the Tanzanian Embassy, from the Zimbabwe Embassy.  The vigil started off with a heartfelt prayer that was said by Molly Ngavaimbe on a sunny yet cold Wednesday late morning.

The singing was led by the two sisters Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi.  During the Vigil, there was an extremely heavier than normal police presence, caused by the continuing presence of Extinction rebellion protesters.  They have been banned from protesting in London and were being arrested under section 14 orders.  ZHRO members were not questioned at all by the police who now seem to be used to the Weekly Vigil.  At the end of the vigil, an announcement was made on ZHRO’s Facebook page by Sarah Bayisayi who is in the ZHRO organising team, Alfredy Mukuvare the Vice Chairman on ZHRO UK and Philip Mahlahla the London Chairman of ZHRO, regarding the planned march and protest scheduled for the 25th of October 2019. 

In the announcement, they said that ZHRO will be meeting as usual at 11am outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London.  Those gathered will them march starting at 12 midday towards the Tanzanian High Commission and peacefully protest there for the rest of the day.  The route which has not yet been confirmed, will be formerly advised to all in due course. 

The organisers have advised that, there are folk from Scotland, Europe and the USA who have intimated that they are attending, as they feel so strongly aggrieved with the current situation in Zimbabwe.  They have advised that the worlds media will likely have their eyes on the Zimbabwe diaspora community on this day.  With this in mind, they have rallied for as many people as possible to attend, so as to send a clear message to SADC (Southern African Development Community) and the ruling ZANU PF Regime, that the Diaspora community does not support the lies that are being peddled by ZANU PF regarding the reason why Zimbabwe is in such a dire state of Economic decline and thus the dearth of a number of basic essential Human Rights, which are meant to be provided by the government.

In a number of social media and standard media posts the Zimbabwean information ministry has alleged that SADC Heads of State will be backing the removal of sanctions on individuals and entities in Zimbabwe.  This is effectively claiming that sanctions are the main reason for the failing Zimbabwean economy and that, in effect there aren’t any Human Rights abuses by ZANU PF using state resources and its proxies.  The intentions of SADCC have been made clear in section 15 of the communique of the SADCC 39th Summit of Heads of State, dated 17-18 August 2019.  It seems clear that they have most likely been ill advised.

The main sanctions that ZANU PF officials seem to be against, are the ZIDERA (Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act) sanctions.  The facts are that, they were imposed on 141 entities and senior officials in the Zimbabwe administration.  They were imposed over their violation of human rights, economic mismanagement and wholesale kleptocracy within the ruling elite, who seem to be either so aloof to the suffering of the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe, or not bothered at all how many lose their lives due to their calamitous wrecking of such a rich and well endowed country. 

The constant humbug that is excreted by some of those in the ZANU PF information ministry is often pure, unfiltered baseless lies.  Therefore, the planned peaceful protest will be to highlight to the Head of SADC, President John Magufuli who is also the President of Tanzania and the other SADC Heads of State that the ZANU PF regime should not be let off the hook.  The sanctions must remain.  If officials under sanctions cannot trade with their ill-gotten gains, they should let the normal Zimbabweans who are not under sanctions trade, or, they (those under sanctions) need to lead the country to reform and thus they need to change the way they run the country, simple.

The vigil that was meant to be held on Wednesday 23 October 2019 has thus been officially moved and ZHRO will thus meet on Friday 25th of October 2019.  The arrests of members of extinction rebellion, and their being banned from London should thus make it easier for all to travel around London on the 25th of October.  More announcements will be posted by ZHRO as the day of the SADC protest draws nearer.

A Special thank you goes to all who attended today.  To Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi who drove again this week following the incidents of last week when they were so late to arrive.  To Molly Ngavaimbe who was at the front table for the majority of the vigil.  To all who attented as without you the vigil would not have been the same.

In other news it has been reported that ZANU PF is now seeking talks with MDC.  Credible reports have made it clear that the MDC leadership have refused to talk to ZANU PF, thus throwing pure freezing liquid nitrogen over the idea of another GNU (Government of National Unity).  One therefore wonders if ZANU PF have it in their conscience to be honourable and perform, as the Japanese Samurai would put it, “a hara-kiri,” on their ruling Zimbabwe and let MDC take over and fix the broken country.

By ZHRO Team

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