Thursday 3 October 2019

Planned Vigil Protest 02 October 2019

The vigil started with a prayer by, Molly Ngavaimbe, who just two weeks earlier, was one of the seniors that caused the closure of the Zimbabwe Embassy.  Those present started the protest and almost continuously, for over an hour and half kept singing different songs as seen on the ZHRO Facebook page of 2nd October 2019. 

The planned ZHRO Vigil this week at the Zim
ZHRO GROUP PHOTO 2 OCTOBER 2019, BY Phillip Mahlahla
babwe Embassy was shared far and wide on social media by those watching.  On arrival setting up was commenced and ZHRO members discussed the latest current affairs in the UK and in Zimbabwe.  Some discussed Brexit and its possible implications, others discussed the issues that are affecting Zimbabweans in the UK and in Zimbabwe, including the continued abuses and the report from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association.

Following the release of Dr Peter Magumbei, after the huge world-wide media outcry, to force the Zimbabwe Government and its proxies to release him, including all the Doctors in Zimbabwe’s Public and Private sectors going on strike, his fight to leave Zimbabwe was lamented by those in conversation.  His having to leave Zimbabwe for his own safety, was well understood by the ZHRO members, as the regime in power seems to show all the time that they do not care, about the people they are meant to be leading and their Human Rights. 

With songs such as “ZANU PF Ngaiende (ZANU should Go), Vote Yangu Mai Mwana (My Vote Mother) and ZANU Yaora Zvekupedzesera (ZANU is beyond Rotten), those protesting peacefully outside the Zimbabwe Embassy received so much support.  This included unsolicited donations from members of the public.  Some of the public also signed the ZHRO petitions and stopped to talk to the brave souls, who dared to put their heads above the parapet and call for Human Rights in Zimbabwe.  One of those who stopped to talk and offer his best wishes, was a man born in Zimbabwe in the 1950’s or 1960’s.  He stressed that Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, with beautiful people and that he knows what is happening (regarding human rights) and in his view it is awful. 

At the end of the Vigil a prayer was said my Junior Madzimure, one of the ZHRO seniours.

A great big thank you, goes to all who attended and continue to attend the ZHRO Weekly Wednesday Vigil.  It is held weekly, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London England at, 429 The Strand, WC2R 0JR.  Especially to Philip Mahlahla who takes almost all the photos at ZHRO, Wednesday Vigil Protest, Rashiwe and SarahBayisayi who travel from the South coast of England and this week lead most of the singing with help from Jenatry Muranganwa and Thulani Nyemba who helped with the front table. 

  • Following the planned peaceful protest, a meeting was held and those gathered were reminded that there will be the ZHRO Annual General Meeting soon.  Those gathered were advised by Sarah Bayisasi that they had to show their commitment so that a date could be set. 
  • Philip Mahlahla also reminded those gathered that this weekend there is the ZHRO Monthly meeting at the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday 6th October 2019.
  • In other news, it has been reported in the Human Rights Watch website, on the 27th of September 2019, that Clement Nyaletsossi Voule, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association, has highlighted “serious deterioration of the political, economic and social environment since (election period) August 2018 resulting in fear, frustration and anxiety among a large number of Zimbabweans.  The heading of the Article in human rights watch is “UN Expert Shocked by Abuses in Zimbabwe.

By Thabo Makuyana

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