Sunday 26 July 2020

Nick Mangwana's involvement in Hopewell Chin'ono's arrest

The abduction of Hopewell Chin'ono shows a cowardice and brutal regime, that does not want people to show that Mnangagwa leads a regime that is cruel, murderous and dictatorial, akin to those of Adi Amin Dada Oumee and Mobutu Sese Seko. 

The journalist at the heart of the story had been using his skills and intellect to try and simply put an end to corruption. 

The only way that the Mnangagwa regime could respond was to abduct him, without a warrant, after
Second Tweet
some time charge him, then refuse to give him bail. The plot obviously started many months ago, but to actually have the involvement of someone who used to be a UK registered nurse, shows how evil the ZANU PF Information Ministry really is. Some are now even advocating for the stripping on Nick Mangwanas UK Citizenship, as it seems he might have attained it through deception.  The petition has thus far managed to get over 50 000 (Fifty Thousand only) Signatures.  If it keeps growing to over 100 000 (One Hundred Thousand only) it will be considered for debate in the U.K. parliament.

The above tweet (Sent out after Hopewell Chin'ono's publicly (ZRP) declared arrest), clearly shows
First Tweet
someone (Nick Mangwana) who highly likely knew that the previous tweet that he had sent out, (in the very early hours of Monday Morning) had already been captured and deleting it could land him in trouble with the court of public opinion (Not for the first time).  This one above was an attempt by him (Nick Mangwana) to wash his hands of the whole sorry situation as his Ministry now has to try and deal with the reverberations that have come from the world over.

The tweet below however, was sent out before Mr Chin'ono was abducted without a warrant, before events transpired and seems to have been a hubristic hint at the likely intentions of the regime.
I pray that the suspected plans and schemes of the man called Nick Mangwana are not successful.  If the above is proved to be correct, what will happen? 

The Nick Mangwana fan club needs to know that their use of arrests, the courts, abductions and intimidation to mute the people who are fighting for a better Zimbabwe is only going to make the voice of the voiceless amplified.
When they start asking chat show hosts, journalists and citizens of foreign lands why they are meddling in Zimbabwean affairs, the answer is simple.  ZANU PF is heavily involved in the stealing their (foreigners) taxes and donations.  This means all those asking questions, including and especially those who are upset with ZANU PF have every right to get involved.

Sources:- The UK Independent and Nick Mangwana Twitter account.

Photos of the Tweets have been taken and are in safe keeping withing U.K. Law offices.  Other Law offices in Europe and USA will also be sent the photos of the tweets by Nick Mangwana.

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