Monday 10 August 2020

31 July Tapiwa Muskwe tells Mnangagwa to go
31 July 2020, Tapiwa Muskwe at 429 The Strand, Photo by Phillip Mahlahla
On the 31st of July 2020, Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) members, joined others from the persecuted MDC Alliance, ZANU PF converts and other civic organisations to publicly tell Mnangagwa and ZANU PF its time to go.  The peacefull planned protest was held at the Zimbabwe Ebassy, at 429 The Strand London, near the Charing Cross tube and main line train station.

The protest was initially called for by the masses.  The setting up on the day of the banners was by Vuka Zimbabwe and ZHRO, with the latter also setting up a water and drinks stall.  The arrest of Hopewell Chin'ono, Jacob Ngarivume, The torture of the MDC 3 young ladies, the arrest of MDC femail spokes person, Fadazi Mahere and the continued persecution of all those calling for an end to corruptoin has led to the enragement of the masses, both in Zimbabwe and in the diasora.

Tapiwa Muskwe (ZHRO member) who is usually reserved, could not help himself, when he join the clarion call and added his voice to the proceedings by publicly telling Zimbabwes Kloptocrats to go.  Unfortunately Tapiwa Muskwe would not take a follow up question, so the interview was extreemly short.
Chinyanga, R. Bayisayi and P. Mahlahla @ 429 The Strand, 31 July 2020

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The next Wednesday Vigil protest will be announced on ZHRO official platforms.  ZHRO would like to encourage all its members to keep in touch through social media.

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