Wednesday 6 November 2019

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Command Impoverishment +
Command Arrest +
Command Justice  = 
Command Killing of Zimbabweans

The Justice System in Zimbabwe is being used as a State Sponsored Tool of Oppression against the already Systematically State Impoverished Citizens of Zimbabwe, so, when considering Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, one has to ask, what is going on in Zimbabwe, where those that are in positions of authority seem not to understand this simple theory?

To claim that the Justice system in Zimbabwe which includes the ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police), the State Prosecutors and Judges, are complicit in State Brutality is not as far-fetched as one might think.  At the end of the day, all the people want is, food, water and sleep. It seems seeking an honest living has now become illegal for some in Zimbabwe. 

Without doubt, even children know, the United Nations, was formed to protect Humans, from that one, universally known and felt thing called,
"P A I N". 
Breaches of Human Rights in all forms involve some form of pain being inflicted on a person or a People/s. As such, one expects that Justice and the Law should have been and must be much more symbiotic than they are in Zimbabwe.

With the above in mind, add the minimum educational requirements for one to be a Police Officer in Zimbabwe, or a Jurist in Zimbabwe. A country that is arguably one of the most educated countries in Africa, one claiming, not to know anything about justice and Human Rights, as the Jurist's on trial during the Nuremberg trials did, is not in this day and age viable.

The recent Death in Police custody of Tafadzwa Hilton Tamangani as reported by Leopold Munhende of New Zimbabwe and Veneranda Langa of The Standard, shows 

i)    that Hilton and his follow vendors were merely trying to make a miagre living without resorting to crime.  This is following the Zimbabwe Government plunging more Zimbabweans into extreme poverty as detailed by the World Bank.  Extreme Poverty is estimated to have risen from 29% in 2018, to 34% in 2019, which is an increase of 1 million people and counting.

ii)   their arrest was followed by Police Brutality and alleged torture at the hands of the police. This is not a new phenomenon.  Human Rights Watch reported in 2015 on the 29th of July that Police targeted Street Vendors in Zimbabwe. News 24 archives also reported the same in 2005 and The UK Telegraph reported similar State actions on 30th August 2016.  These are just three of some of the most high profile reports, of the Zimbabwe State, having a propensity of targeting vendors. Even the State run Herald has reported this, with a clear bias favouring the Government and ZANU PF.

iii)  by them being denied the right to Hospital Treatment and one of them dying in custody, this too seems to be the norm and a well formed habit for the ZRP and the Zimbabwean Justice System. A simple google search of Sheapead Yuda, Zimbabwe Prisons will reveal stomach churning articles, images and videos.

Given the above claim and the strong evidence provided, when one looks at
the damning reports by both the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commision and the UN Rapporteurs reports of 2019 on Zimbabwe, one can only come to a simple conclusion.  

The States Knows Exactly What It Is Doing.  

Not one member of the State and Government is ignorant to the above.  

They know, if people are impoverished by the actions of Mthuli Ncube and Mangudya, Zimbabwe Finance Minister and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor respectively, people will have to sell in the streets.  They (the Government) will send in the Police. Human rights will be breached and they (the Government) can loot and impoverish the people even more, whilst we protest about human rights.

The painful fact is, they just don't care.  

The international community will do nothing to them, other than place them on a list, stop them having money in certain countries, ban them from certain countries, and then later allow them to travel again at some future date.

ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation) will continue to fight for the Human Rights of all Zimbabweans.  Today, Wednesday on the 6th of November 2019, ZHRO will be meeting to protest against the systematic abuses of Zimbabweans by those in power.  We will meet at the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 the Strand, London from 11am and as we have done we will also meet there every Wednesday thereafter. 


Thabo Makuyana

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