Tuesday 12 November 2019

Ndimi Makauraya (YOU are the one who killed them)

Ndimi Makauraya
(YOU are the ones who killed them)

Ordinary Zimbabweans from ZHRO Show Strength in Depth and Numbers, whilst singing the truths that get people Arrested, Tortured and Killed in Zimbabwe. As you read this, investigations into the alleged torture, rapes and deaths are not being carried out by the state.

ZHRO has successfully held a planned Wednesday Vigil at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London at, 429 The Strand, London.  This week the vigil was started with a prayer by senior ZHRO member Orivasi Madondo. Leading the singing this week was shar-
ZHRO Vigil 6 Nov 2019, Photo by Philip Mahlahla
ed between youthful Tinotenda Chihope and vibrant Salome Nkiwane.  Sisters Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi, who are regulars were sadly missing from the vigil. Although the sisters were missed those gathered were not deterred. They were determined and resilient despite the initial stop start nature of the signing.  

In their memories and in the conversations were those in Zimbabwe who are suffering under the tyrannical regime on ZANU PF.  It was stop start until they started singing, Ndimi Makauraya, (You are the ones who have done the killing) Zimbabwe, Mavendors (the vendors), Vana (the Children), Nhaka (The Inheritance and Legacy of Zimbabwe).  

The volume, when this song started, seemed to increase by quite a few decibels.  The passion in the voices of those leading the songs, was audible. The atmosphere within the tent became palpable.  This song, (Ndimi Makauraya) was the one that got folk in Zimbabwe into trouble for singing at the courthouse and is alleged to have resulted in even more police brutality metered out against innocent civilians for doing something as simple as singing the truth. Some of those arrested for singing include, Denford Ngadziore (councillor ward 16 Mabelreign), Makomnborero Haruzivishe & Jonah Matoratora.  

To this day, it seems, the death of Tafadzwa Hilton Tamangani and the police brutality against him and his fellow vendors is still to be satisfactorily investigated by the Zimbabwean Authorities.  The State seems to not have the will, nor a way to investigate such occurrences, thus making Zimbabwe seem like a war zone where there are no rules of engagement, so to actually expect human rights....... Besides the late Tamangani, police also arrested Evans Chinyanga (39), Tichaona Mazia (22), Petros Kayesa (44), Adoration Tafadzwa Madziwa (23), Lovemore Chitengo (42), Robson Mutseta (31), Hillary Nyawasha (29), Wambo Denford (41), Blessing Chirodza (41) and David Tawanda Tekere aged 35

The uninvestigated seemingly State sanctioned killings in Zimbabwe of ordinary citizens is leaving those in the Diaspora emboldened by the fact that they know, they have unparalleled superior moral high ground over the current, despotic, tyrannical and repressive ZANU PF junta.  

Many thanks go to Tinotenda Chihope and Salome Nkiwane who led the singing.  They showed that indeed ZHRO has strength in depth and numbers. Thank you also goes to John Burke who traveled all the way from the South Coast of England with the tent and other equipment.  Thank you also to all those who attended as without you, this day would never have happened. ZHRO also welcomed new members.

By Thabo Makuyana
Sources:- Bulawayo 24, iharare, Zimeye, Zimbabwe Situation.

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