Tuesday 19 November 2019

Zimbabwean Pharaohs Rule by Brazen and Brass neck Boldness

2019 Zimbabwe Plundered by
Brazen and Brass neck bouldness

Bonus footage at the end

By Pharaohs of Zimbabwe, whilst using their might and power to suppress anyone who raises their head over the parapet.  The ZANU PF regime has comatosed Zimbabwe with brutish kleptocracy and pure gaul.

ZHRO Group Photo 13 November 2019 Photo by John Burke
On Wednesday 13th November 2019, ZHRO members met and made plenty of noise, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 The Strand, London.  With one of the founding members present, those gathered did not want to disappoint. The small talk had them referring to the current Zimbabwe Government as clowns.  They lamented the lack of decent leadership in the ruling ZANU PF regime, which runs Zimbabwe like a thiefdom.

For such a wonderful, peace loving people, Zimbabwe, has not been so fortunate for nearly 40 years.  The Kleptocracy within the corridors of power in Zimbabwe is so famous, folk in London no longer need to be asked to support anti ZANU PF demonstrations, pro Zimbabwe human rights demonstrations and lately anti looting in Zimbabwe demonstrations.  The ordinary UK citizenry seems to just turn up and ask, "where can I sign your petition?" This is often followed up with, "I support what you are doing."

With all the above in mind, the suffering people of Zimbabwe, seem to be ruled by leaders who have total impunity and zero scruples.   The lives the politicians have in their hands, are treated with such contempt, one would think the Government mistakes its Citizens for Animals and the country for a Zoo.  

ZIM 1 Photo by Phillip J Mahlahla 13 Nov 2019
Added to all the above, Zimbabwe has the worlds highest inflation rates, looting so grandiose, the IMF gave a warning and 90% incapacitated Doctors who have been fired for protesting.  With all this, one wonders why the Government would be happy to buy countless cars in Zimbabwe and what looks like a brand new Merc (Mercedes Benz S500) here in the UK for the ambassador who is akin to a beggar with a Merc.  

Unfortunately, this shows where the Governments priorities lie.  They buy so many cars whilst the people starve and die from a lack of medical care, no food and negligible investment to boost the ailing economy.  

 As early as last year they were boasting about having so many millions of Tonnes of food, yet now, the country is literally a basket case.  One would think that the country has learnt, that Continuing Land reform against whites is actually retrogressive. Esp ecially when it has become clear that the land grabs of 2019 seem to be occurring when the crops are going to be harvested.  It seems to be all about them (ZANU PF cronies) lining their pockets at the expense of the country.

It seems they have no money to pay Doctors to treat the ill, or to buy Medical equipment or medication, yet they have enough to get involved in the transport industry.  The buying of buses and commissioning them, using the ministry of information and the only public State broadcasting corporation on prime time TV is in this day and age laughable.  The narrative is, "the buses have been purchased to ferry workers between home and work," yet the reality is that, the buses are used to bus the few remaining ZANU PF loyalists from their homes to wherever they are needed in the country.

This is akin to having Oysters, Crab, Filet Mignon , Foie gras, Caviar and Champagne, whilst the people who carry the food don't even eat.  The irony is that, the Information Ministry keeps taking photos of ZANU PF members eating traditional Zimbabwean food, whilst on Luxurious, expensive hired Jets, without considering whether the people have simple bread and water.  A photo speaks a thousand words Nasty Nick.

When people say Mugabe was better, it does not mean they loved him.  It simply means, hindsight is a beautiful thing and the current leadership, is totally uncaring and atrociously incompetent.

A special thank you goes to all who attended the ZHRO Vigil this week.  Thank you to John Burke for driving all the way from the South coast of England with the equipment used for the Vigil.  To Sarah Bayisayi for leading the singing, to Chigika Lifa Phiri for enthusiastically playing the drum for the first time and showing that she has rhythm in her bones.  Thank you to all who handed out leaflets and manned the table and played the shakers.

As per the register those who attended the vigil are, Thabo Makuyana, Elector Zvarwadza, Winnie Mabuzane, G. R. Makaza, Phillip J. Mahlahla, Flemming Diza, John Burke, Chegika Lifa Phiri, Stella Mandiranga, Marlene Mtandagai, Alfredy Mukuvare, Sibongile Bvungidzire, Tryness Ncube, Sarah Bayisayi.

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By Thabo Makuyana

BONUS Footage for you,
thank you for reading the above now hear the noise that was made.
Explanation of each song below.

Live Audio of ZHRO Vigil at the Zimbabwe Embassy, London. The Audio was recorded on a mobile phone. Most of the chit chat was cut out, just the singing in the middle was left.

Leading the Singing was Sarah Bayisayi and on the drums for the first time was Chegika Lifa Phiri.

1) Song is called, Siya ZANU Idonhe, (Let ZANU fall, let ED fall and Go, siya Junta Iyende.) The have caused so much misery, This song is mostly sung here. Singing it in Zimbabwe could lead to 20 year incarceration, for attempting to overthrow a democratically elected Government and insulting the President.

2) Song is called, I don't know the reason why. It is referring to the way the people of Zimbabwe are being treated both in Zimbabwe and in the UK. The song leader laments the killings in Zimbabwe at the hands of the ZANU PF and its proxies, then asks why police brutality goes unchecked, then asks why the murders go unaccounted for, then asks Ambassador Katsande why he allows this, then asks E. D. Mnangagwa why he endorses this. Singing this song in Zimbabwe would get those brutal reprisal from the police and others of ZANU PF proxies.

3) Song is called, "I don't know Tinodakwa here?" (I don't know if I'll get drunk) even be able to get drunk to forget my problems. Can I even afford to get drunk. It then asks is 2 liters of alcohol will be enough, the answer is, "I don't know if Ill be able to get drunk." Led by Chegika Phiri, who was also on the drums.

4) Song is called, "Mnangagwa Dzosera Scarfa KwaNdunge Zvinhu Zvaoma" (Return your scarf to Ndunge, the economy has tanked).  This is in reference to the current ruling elite of Zimbabwe not praying but only believing in spirit mediums and Which Doctors spells.  The popular belief is that Mnangagwa got his scarf from a famous spirit medium called Ndunge.  The leader of the singing is complaining that there are no Doctors, there is no medication, people are dying, bread is expensive, there is no electricity.  The Hospitals are virtually all closed.  There is no food and there is no real money.  

5)  Mnangagwa Ngaende, (Mnangagwa must go) is a song against Mnangagwa.  It has so many variations of phrases that are against Mnangagwa and ZANU PF.

To find out more or to join ZHRO, please do not hesitate to call, 
Phillip Mahlahla.           074 5282 8229
Sarah Bayisayi.               078 7728 7869
Kingstone Jambawo.     079 0486 1744

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