Sunday 29 September 2019

ZHRO Walk For Freedom

The ZHRO walk for freedom started on Saturday 21st September 2019 at 6:30am at Brighton Pier.  The end point was Hampton Court Train Station at 8:55am on Sunday 22nd September 2019.  The first leg was started by Rashiwe Bayisayi and John Burke.  They walked all the way to Christ's Hospital Rail Station, where they took a break after the difficult 37 km stretch but, John Burke announced that he was pulling out.  This was the day, ZANU PF rented a crowd in New York, USA, at the United Nations.  

The job of the rented crowd was to do the bidding for their pay masters (It’s a shame for ZANU PF, as some of the hired crowd are likely descendants of Slaves and ZANU PF, clearly don’t care how they manipulate and use them), ZANU PF et al.  Their job was to lobby for the thieves, the abductors, the whole sale looters, the ones that have managed to bring over 14 million people to their knees through pure corruption and wanton greed.  Their job was to help those who consider themselves as said by George Orwel, “more equal, than others.”

The next leg was from Christs Hospital Railway Station to Guildford Railway Station.  This was done by, Rashiwe and Sarah Bayisayi, who stood-in for the retiring John Burke.  This was the point at which, the walkers were met by, ZHRO Chair Lady, Chipochedenga Parirenyatwa.  She was at the meeting point to help the walkers by being part of the support unit - with food and drink! 

The two sisters bravely walked all the way to Guildford Train Station.  This is around the time when another protest against the Junta in Zimbabwe was taking place at the Zimbabwe Embassy.  It seems, this was also the time the current First Lady, with the help of the Zimbabwean Herald and Chronicle, appear to have sensationally cooked up a story about getting an award from Harvard University and seeming to quote Dr Professor Wilfred Ngwa.

At around 10:30pm and completely dark, the two sisters walked into Guildford train station.  They were visibly tired and Rashiwe Bayisayi had a limp.  “will you be able to complete the walk? With a real tone of concern John Burke asked.  “I will try and walk through the pain and take it easy.” Replied Rashiwe Bayisayi.  It was at this point the Sarah Bayisayi decided she could not continue.  “I have done over 30km without training,” she said.  After a short break and further help from Chipo Parirenyatwa, Rashiwe Bayisayi got on with the night time walk.

She was Joined for the night walk by, Tinashe Aliseni who had a powerful front torch, and Thabo Makuyana who was wearing a bright orange florescent jacket.  The three set off and started the leg from Guildford train station to Hampton Court Train Station.  The trio walked through the night and stopped twice for refreshments from the support team.  The leg was made especially difficult by the fact that they were walking near the river and the path was extremely small sometimes, thus, “we had to walk like as if we were walking on a catwalk,” said Rashiwe Bayisayi.

As dawn broke, Thabo Makuyana declared that he was dropping out at the final rest stop at Walton-on-Thames.  Rashiwe Bayisayi and Tinashe Aliseni literally soldiered on and got to the finish line together and they were very, very tired.  Rashiwe Bayisai successfully completed the full 105km distance in 26hours.  Thus the record of 25 hours which is currently held by Rashiwe Bayisayi still stands.  
“The pain I am feeling (in her knee) is more or less the pain that people in Zimbabwe are suffering….  I said, we will never stop doing this walk, as it is walk for freedom, until Zimbabwe is free.  Now Zimbabwe is not free, so we continue to endure the pain.” 

Tinashe Aliseni then added saying, “The night walk was a bit more painful, but its like she said, until, Zimbabwe is free, we keep doing it (The Walk for Freedom).  Planning for next year (Vision 2020 - Walk for Freedom) has already started.  Medals were handed to the participants for taking part.  It was suggested that a special shield should be created for Rashiwe as this was her THIRD consective completion of the 105 km Walk for Freedom.

  • Since the walk, Doctor Peter Magombeyi, through the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, the huge public out cry and the constant pressure on ZANU PF, was finally released from police custody and from the clutches of the police in the Avenues Hospital.  Credible reports are that, the police had effectively, blocked him in the hospital and prevented him from leaving.  He has finally been allowed to leave Zimbabwe, as he is in need of medical treatment following his apparent torture, by the proxies of ZANU PF. 

  • It has also been noted by most and conveniently ignored by the ZANU PF media spinners, that at the United Nations, whilst the Current President of Zimbabwe was giving his speech, the hall was virtually empty.  It was as if he was addressing furniture, as the attendance was extremely low, when compared to attendance for speeches by other world leaders.

  • It has also been revealed that the link below is apparently tied to the story about Auxilia Mnangagwa and it strangely uses a .org website.  This is instead of a .edu website, which seems to be used by Harvard University for all its sites.  It seems, someone or some organisation has issued a statement, denying what the herald and the chronicle printed (I wonder who?).  So much could be said about this site, however without further investigation, this could be skirting extremely close to the current Libel laws.

By Thabo Makuyana

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