Tuesday 25 June 2019

ZHRO Zimbabwe Embassy Vigil Protest 19 June 2019

 The theme of this weeks ZHRO Vigil is World Refugee Week.

The ZHRO Embassy Vigil on the 19th of June 2019 at 429 the strand outside of the Zimababwe embassy started on a rather clammy day.  The small talk before the protest started was filled with despair for those who are in Zimbabwe and the Current Voodoo economic's being used by ZANU PF to arrive at an inflation rate of nearly 100% within 3 years of the appointment of Mtuli Ncube.

ZHRO 19 JUNE 2019 @429 The Strand
Setting up was commenced and completed quickly.  Before the protest started those gathered praised God with some Shona hymns.  Then a prayer was said by one of the respected elders in ZHRO Mai Molly Ngavaimbe (ZHRO Member and MDC supporter).  In her prayer she prayed for the improvement of the lives of those in and from the impoverished nation of Zimbabwe.  She prayed for the true independence of the people of Zimbabwe from ZANU PF and its proxies.  She ended the prayer by putting all that was to be done during the protest in Gods hands.  More praise and worship followed.

It was during the last Praise and Worship that some of the unofficially defined roles and strengths of the ZHRO team were in full flow.  At the front, handing out flyers meeting and greeting the public was Bigboy Sibanda.  On the drums was Ebson Chigwedere.  Photographs were being taken by Philip Mahlahla and this time leading the singing was Mary Muteyerwa who brought some new energy to the proceedings.

Early on in the protest there was an unwelcome guest who was ushered away by the City of Westminster London security services on patrol that day.  One of the documents was defaced by the unwelcome inebriated man.

After the protest, Sarah Bayisayi said that the ZHRO monthly meetings will resume, starting on the 6th of July 2019 at the Assembly rooms just after the MDC meeting.  She also said that the annual meeting for ZHRO will now take place over 3 days instead of just one day as previously planned.  The pencilling in of a Friday Saturday and Sunday during the month of October in Swindon was advised.  There will also be executive and other nominations during the meeting.

Adding to what was said by Sarah Bayisayi, Rashiwe Bayisayi said some of the yardsticks to be used for the nomination and election of future executive leaders for ZHRO are, attendance of Vigil, attendance of events, participation when in attendance and other activities that promote ZHRO and its members.  "Those who are up front will be nominated, don't sit at home come once and say, I want that role," said Rashiwe Bayisayi.  

https://www.flickr.com/photos/zhro-uk/48078135868/The next announcements made by Sarah Bayisayi were concerning the fundraising for ZHRO and photographs taken then uploaded by Philip Mahlahla onto flicker.  All were urged to send all photos as early as possible to allow the photos to be uploaded expeditiously onto flicker.

Rashiwe Bayisayi talked about the Walk for freedom of Zimbabwe which is taking place on the 10th of August 2019 from Brighton to London.  More on what Rashiwe Bayisayi said in relation to the Walk for freedom can be seen on Blog titled, ZHRO Walk for Freedom Zimbabwe Blog.

As per the register, the ZHRO vigil this week was attended by, Mary Muteyerwa, Mayenza Mvududu, Tinotenda Chihope, Molly Ngavaimbe, Stella Mandiranga, Precious G. Makuyana, Thabo Makuyana, Barbra Ncube, Chegika Lifa Phiri, Plaxidia Mugonde, Tapiwa Muskwe, Sarah Bayisayi, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Philip Mahlahla, Ebson Chigwedere, Bigboy Sibanda, Irene Mvududu, Josy Jenje

To find out more, join ZHRO, attend one the weekly protest vigils or other events and to offer your support please contact.
Kingstone Jambawo                         079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                 078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                                074 528 28229

By ZHRO Team

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