Tuesday 25 June 2019

ED using intimidation

By Panashe Muyeye

Emmerson Mnangagwa came with promises, with the excitement of a new leader after the success of his coup to oust former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. 

He knew the Zanu PF type of rulership was dictatorial, and abusive and stood against true democracy and he thought people would welcome him better if he changed those ways. But he has returned to the old Zanu PF within months of getting power. 

He promised freedom of speech and said people are free to speak out but now he is investing in weapons to bash people in case they exercise their right to demonstrate. 

Intimidation is back and worse than the previous Zanu PF administration. People in Zimbabwe are suffering and scared at the same time under the rule of ED as they call him.  The few that speak out are involved in strange accidents and people are afraid. 

These are the Zanu PF ways and unless this party is removed from power, there is little hope for Zimbabweans.

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