Tuesday 18 June 2019

12th of June 2019 vigil @ 429 The Strand London.

The 12th of June 2019 Vigil started whilst the weather was rather, confused.  All were wondering whether or not it was going to rain.  Small talk was exchanged, then setting up was commenced.  The small talk was filled with empathy for the untimely and unfortunate loss of life in Zimbabwe.  A prayer was said before the commencement of the Vigil.  It was only earlier in the week, that we were all shocked, when it was 
announced in our forums that sadly, Honourable Vimbai Java Zimbabwean Member of Parliament, eldest daughter of the late Dr Morgan Tsvangirai, had sadly passed away (source MDC Publicity and various media outlets).
Reports in Zimbabwe focused publications such as Bulawayo 24, Harare 24, The Standard, Zimeye, News day, Pindula, and others mentioned that soldiers had been involved in the accident.  Those of Zimbabwean origin and those who follow Zimbabwean affairs know what the obvious concerns are.  It has been reported in The Standard that Honourable Vimbai Java’s campaign manager and organising secretary for her constituency, Paul Rukanda, and Tafadzwa Mundwa, her late mother’s cousin, died after they were trapped in the wreckage for over an hour

There were rumors at the time that Apostle Chiwenga had been involved in an accident.  The sources were rather poor, during the protest on the 12th of June 2019, however a video that has been posted on Zimeye’s Facebook page and on Youtube channels 263 chat and Stewart Nyamayaro, which apparently has Apostle Chiwenga in his Hospital Bed, seems to confirm the reports that indeed, he too has unfortunately been involved in an accident with what he seems to suggest is not just another accident.  Again, those from Zimbabwe and those who follow Zimbabwean affairs closely will understand what this means.  Unfortunately, with regret, the media reports are that his wife and others who were in the car with him passed away.

At the end of the weekly protest, a meeting was called which was attended by all those present on the day.  During the meeting Alfred Mukuvare ZHRO former Vice Chair, spoke and it was suggested that we resume the monthly meetings that we used to have on the first Weekend of every month.  It was suggested that the next meeting should be in July with the venue date and time to be announced soon.  It was around the beginning of the meeting that Thabo Makuyana arrived.  He apologized to all for his tardiness.

Increased Participation in the vigil was praised by the leadership present.  Notification was also made of the 100 km Walk which was to take place, including the practice sessions that commenced this past Sunday the 16th of June 2019.  Starting at Guildford Rail Station at 11:30am.  Rashiwe Bayisayi mentioned that the intention was to walk 21.16 miles or 34 km from Guildford to Hampton Court Rail Station as practice for the 100 KM walk later in the year.  “You need to practice, practice practice”, said Rashiwe Bayisayi.  Alfred Mukuvare said “Its quite a good thing to be on the walk, 1) You enjoy the friendship, the fellowship, and 2) all the jokes which are told whilst on  the walk, 3) its exciting to see the country side.”  It was also mentioned that there is a Facebook page for the ZHRO walk with more information including the ability to share the experiences of the walk.  Those present were also reminded that later in the year ZHRO is going to have a national meeting where a new Leadership team will be voted in and members would need to attend to cast their votes.
Attending the ZHRO protest vigil this week as per the were
Ebson Chigwdere, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Sarah Bayisayi, Alfred Mukuvare, Big Boy Sibanda, Stewart (Pride) Nyandoro, Thabo Makuyana, Salome Kiwane, Stella from Luton, Tapiwa Muswe (Red cap) Mary Muteyerwa; Lindsey Zaranyika; Charity Ndebele; Gladys Ncube; Phillip Mahlahla; Panashe Muyeye; Nehemiah Musonza; Stella Mandiranga; Plaxidia Mugande; Tryness Ncube; Thabo Makuyana

The photo was taken by Philip Mahlahla ZHRO London Branch Chairman and Cameraman

To find out more or to join ZHRO and attend one the weekly protest vigils, please contact
Kingstone Jambawo                        079 048 61744
Sarah Bayisayi                                 078 772 87869
Phillip Mahlahla                              074 528 28229

By ZHRO Team


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