Thursday 27 June 2019

ZHRO - A family affair

Written by Lindsay Zaranyika

ZHRO: More than an activist group;                                                        
ZHRO: More than a group or organisation, 

Its  a support system, it’s networking, it’s a family and it’s a safe haven for many.
Many people join and instantly you form bonds, friendships and suchlike. There are people there to lift morale, not just on Wednesday at Vigil, but now on our social media platforms, which we are reaching many people. 

People who didn’t know there was this support and people with the same goal, freedom. I personally have made friends, got advice and even given some advice as well, believe or not. We all support each other on pending cases, on new cases and just to be strong as we fight the good fight for freedom for all Zimbabweans - home and away.

We get together, we pray, we sing, play drums and tell people about our cause. So many support us and sign petitions with us.  If one of us is in need, we stand together, if to make a phone call, write letters or just be there to give moral support and just an ear to listen to.

We have organisers and leaders who support us, encourage us not to lose heart of the goal, be it fund raising, “Walk for Freedom”, and there is even a taste of home at the Vigil.  Toasted peanuts (nzungu), maputi and we recently had a ‘bring-and-share’ of home cooked food.

There was a lot of Zimbabwean relish that some last had years back, it was well prepared and well organised it felt like a family.  Sometimes people organise to go for a meal - Nando’s being the favourite & familiar, but most important that the support is always there .

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