Sunday 12 July 2020

Humble Granny Explains why 31 July Needs to happen

In this Video clip we see a Humble Granny Explain why 31 July 2020 in Zimbabwe;

Needs to happen.

The same demonstration on 31 July 2020 has had the establishemnt condemn it, yet the junta establishment has aided and abeted in so much looting, the people who are actually encouraging the peacefull planned protests in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora are Zimbabweans themselves.

The Junta is always trying to look for side shows and diversions, however this time, it is unfortunate that they are against the will of the people.  The sad irony is that, if the junta had not stolen the election, it would have been MDC-A which is led by Nelson Chamisa, that would have been trying to lead Zimbabwe through this COVID-19 world wide Pandemic.

Saddly, sometimes history repeats itsself.  What is not normal though, is the public condemnation, the the third President of Zimbabwe is currently facing, from the people who he likely claims, "Love him," whilst him and his Government can not even feed the people.  Then when the people decide to protest, as the old lady says, "They get killed."

31 July 2020 needs to happen.

The next ZHRO, Wednesday Vigil, peacefull, planned, protest will be announced on ZHRO official platforms.  ZHRO encourages all its members to continue to keep in touch through social media.  Thus far ZHRO members will be joining the 31 July 2020, peacfull, planned, demonstartion, in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe, who are suffering under the tyranical, regimne of Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF, Proxies.  More details will be announced soon.  Please keep readig the ZHRO official platforms for more up to date information. 

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