Wednesday 1 July 2020


Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) has a representative, who is a Refugee and Asylum Seeker, Voices Network Ambassador.  The Voices Ambassador (as they are commonly known), will be attending the, “Lift the Ban” (on Asylum seekers working) coalition meeting.

A voices Ambassador speaks on behalf of Asylum seekers, Refugees and the undocumented migrants, especially when meeting Organisations that work with Asylum seekers, or determine the fate of asylum seekers, Refugees and the undocumented.

All conversations with the Voices Ambassador are in confidence.  Only the questions will be put forward, without the name of the person asking the question divulged, unless the person or persons, formally give consent, that they or their name or names can or may be made public

Previous meetings have had, special advisors, former Honorable UK MP’s, serving MP’s, representatives of the Home Office, and other organisations and think tanks from the left and right of UK policy making, politics and house hold companies.

When is the meeting?  Tomorrow, Thursday 02 July 2020

Please may you kindly forward any concerns or questions etc, that you might have, so they may be brought up in the Meeting by your (ZHRO) Voices Ambassador representative.

Please contact ZHRO Marketing for more information, or to find out who your Voices Ambassador is.

What is the Voices Network?

The video below shows a little bit of what the Voices Network is about.

The next ZHRO Wednesday, peaceful, planned, Vigil protest, will be announced on ZHRO official platforms.  ZHRO would like to encourage all its members to keep in touch through social media.

Please see the links below.

To find out more or to join ZHRO please do not hesitate to call
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Ebson Chigwedere       07449235660
Kingstone Jambawo     07904861774
Thabo Makuyana         07944590970

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