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ZHRO 22 January 2020 Wednesday Vigil

ZHRO 22 January 2020 Vigil 
ZHRO Vigil Wed 22 Jan 2020 photo by P Mahlahla

The rise of the Born Free,

through radical expression, supported by the known and known unknowns.

On the 22nd of January 2020, Zimbabwe Human Rights Organization (ZHRO) met for another pre planned vigil protest outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London.  On this day, the occupants of Zimbabwe House at 429 the Strand definitely heard the protesting, which included songs and banners that insult the Zimbabwean Regime and messages pleading for help from the international community as Zimbabweans are dying, as a result of the silent Genocide being promulgated by Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) and its proxies.
Those gathered were protesting this week, in solidarity with what looked like demonstrations in Zimbabwe by school children from Njube High School in Bulawayo.  In the same week, Mnangagwa and his whole ZANU PF was snubbed by the UK Prime minister Boris Johnson's Government from the UK Africa Summit. Later in the week there was what looked like a wild cat demonstration by Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) members and Mthuli Ncube, making a mockery of himself by showing that Tendai Biti was right when he said, "Mthuli has no connection between his brain and his mouth."

The week started on Monday with the brave students, mere children, showing that they have hearts like that of David who slain Goliath, by taking to the streets and making their voices heard, against the current and ongoing denial of their Fundamental Human Rights to Education by the ZANU PF regime.  Singing revolutionary songs that chime both outside the Embassy and in Zimbabwe alike, they too sung in defiance of the military Junta and put their lives on the line.
With banners that read, "This is for every Zimbabwean Child".  Their teacher (who is now in hiding) said, "they are expressing their right to education, which is fundamental, according to the declaration of Human Rights. They have declared, their voice has spoken.  I think in Zimbabwe we have one generation that has been lost, but definitely, this generation is going to speak. The fundamental message behind (the students actions) is that you cannot ignore the education system, you cannot ignore the teachers, you cannot ignore the student.  Once we do that, the future generation suffers." The scenes were similar to the Soweto Uprising of 16 June 1976 during apartheid South Africa.

On the same day, Monday 20th January, as previously covered by numerous Zimbabwean and international media outlets, the whole of the ZANU PF regime had been snubbed by Borris Johnson from attending the UK Africa Summit.  Highly likely as a result of continued corruption, deprivation of fundamental Human Rights and the continued commiting of human rights abuses by the Junta running Zimbabwe. This probably shows that Mnangagwa's open for business new dispensation is being seen as open for repression, new deception.  Thus likely showing that the protests are being heard in the corridors of power including in the UN security council.

On Thursday the 23rd of January 2020, ZINASU demonstrated outside the offices of the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education in Harare, over the high priced fees being charged in Universities.  Singing songs such as Ndine Chido Chekusunungura Zimbabwe (I have the will to Liberate Zimbabwe) and other new era born free (born after 18 April 1980) liberation songs, they made noise and their message was as clear as day.  The fee increases that have lead to them and others not attending school, are not at all wanted as this is the killer of dreams.  This was likely in solidarity with the earlier strike of the Njube High School students.

In other News

Mthuli Ncube went all the way to Davos for the World Economic Forum.  Whilst there he announced his planned introduction of higher denominations for his and ZANU PF'S failed new currency experiment.  Fortunately the interviewers turned his proposed press peacock time into grillings, where he showed his inability to have compassion for ordinary Zimbabweans suffering caused by his self made economic collapse and his general ineptitude in "Economics Real" to the whole world.

The trial of popular, outspoken, firebrand, Honorable Member of Parliament, Job Wiwa Sikhala from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has been postponed.  Reports are that the prosecution (From ZANU PF ranks) is not yet ready, however, looking from afar, one can see that the Junta does not want the youth to take to the streets en mass at the same time as Wiwa and his supporters.

Thanks to Ebson Chigwedere who played the drums, John Burke who arrived early to set up, Tinashe Aliseni who posted on Twitter.  Nehemiah Musonza whose base when singing brings warmth to the proceedings, Thank you too, to Rashiwe Bayisayi who led most of the singing along with Molly Ngavaimbe.  Thanks also go to Rashiwe Bayisayi who drove all the way from the South of England together with John Burke with the drums and other equipment for the Vigil.  All who attended are also thanked very much for coming on such a cold day.

To find out more or to join ZHRO please do not hesitate to call 
Phillip Mahlahla          074 5282 8229
Ebson Chigwedere       074 4923 5660
Kingstone Jambawo     079 0486 1774
Thabo Makuyana          079 4459 0970

Those who attended as per the register were, Tinashe Aliseni, Phillip J. Mahlahla, Benjamin Chigamba, Molly Ngavaimbe, Plaxidia Mugonde, Precious Kandare, Rashiwe Bayisayi, John Burke, Lindsey Zaranyika, Tapiwa Muskwe, Orivasi Madondo, Stella Mandiranga, Ranganai Chivaviro, Nehemiah Musonza, Thabo Makuyana.

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Next ZHRO London Vigil will be on Wednesday the 29th of January 2020, starting 11am at 429 the Strand London WC2R 0JR.

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