Friday 3 January 2020

ZHRO Wednesday Vigil 1 January 2020

ZHRO Vigil, 1 Jan 2020, Photo By Tinashe Aliseni
Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO)  met on the 1st of January 2020.  This was the first planned Vigil Demonstration and Wednesday of the new decade at 429 The Strand London, outside the infamous Zimbabwean Embassy.  They met to protest against the injustices, Human Rights Violations and ongoing debilitating Humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe.
Understandably, with the day being a UK Bank Holiday, all trains were running a reduced or delayed service.  Some were even cancelled.  On arrival, those that were gathered were quick to start conversing about the dire situation in Zimbabwe.

One of the major topics, was of the little publicity that Vendors especially those in Harare were getting during the Christmas and New Year period.

As reported on Pindula's Twitter page, on the 31st of December 2019, Informal traders (vendors) operating from the streets of Harare have vowed to stay put until the government creates employment opportunities for them.  This was in response to them being harassed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

The ZRP and other known proxies of Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF)  had earlier in the day and on the night of the 30th of December 2019, been boasting about having harrased and moved on a number of traders from where they (the traders and vendors) make as honest a living as possible.  Given the previous well published deaths in custody at the hands of the same ZRP, following torturous treatment, arbitrary breaches of basic human rights, without repercussions, ZHRO is keeping a close eye on developments.

One would have expected the ZRP and the ZANU PF to be at least a little understanding to the plight of Zimbabweans instead of being blinkered and set in their ways of violence, looting and repression.

Other news.

According to  Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) the hunger the country is facing will likely persist until 2021.

Thus statements made by one Zimbabwean Member of Parliament, Mayor Justice Wadyajena have been more than concerning.  "They just don't care about anything or anyone else but themselves," said one of the ZHRO members gathered and this point was received with nods of agreement by others in small talk before and after the vigil.

The above human rights abuses and the ongoing inability of the Zimbabwe ruling ZANU PF Junta, who are now called, "the new Deception" and not the new Dispensation, as they like to call themselves.  ZHRO members also made clear their concerns regarding the international community's soft ear for the Zimbabwe ruling Junta, especially from some countries that are in the UN Security Council, the EU and especially the UK.

In light of the above and in the background, ZHRO members have been pushing for the ZHRO Leadership's endorsement of more radical protests in 2020, for which, meetings are in the process of being planned.

Thanks to Ebson Chigwedere who played the drums, John Burke who arrived early to set up, Tinashe Aliseni who posted on Twitter, Kingstone Jambawo who posts on Facebook and helped set up the banners.  Nehemiah Musonza whose base when singing brings warmth to the proceedings, Thank you too, to Rashiwe Bayisayi who led most of the singing and drove all the way from the South of England together with John Burke with the drums and other equipment for the Vigil.  All who attended are also thanked very much for coming on such a cold and windy day.

To find out more or to join ZHRO please do not hesitate to call
  • Phillip Mahlahla            074 5282 8229
  • Ebson Chigwedere       074 4923 5660
  • Kingstone Jambawo     079 0486 1774
  • Thabo Makuyana          079 4459 0970
Those who attended as per the register were, Tinashe Aliseni, Nehemiah Musonza, Ebson Chigwedere, Brian Mamvuto, Kingstone Jambawo, Rashiwe Bayisayi, John Burke, Salome Nkiwane, Thabo Makuyana.

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Next ZHRO London Vigil will be on the 8th of January 2020, starting 11am at 429 the Strand London WC2R 0JR.

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By ZHRO Team

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