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ZHRO Wednesday Vigil 18 December 2019

Not so Merry Christmas

ZHRO Wednesday Vigil 18 December 2019

ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation) members met on Wednesday 18th December 2019 at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London at 429 The Strand.  It was this year's last weekly pre planned vigil protest against the continuing Human Rights abuses and the daily deprivation of Human Rights in Zimbabwe.
18/12/2010, ZHRO Vigil.  Photo by Phillip Mahlahla

The start was rather sombre, as the thoughts of most gathered were leaning heavily towards events in Zimbabwe.  The thoughts included, Thabo Mbeki visiting (without bearing gifts) at the behest of ZANU PF leader, E. D. Mnangagwa, the lack of a Merry Christmass for most Zimbabweans as they have been impoverished and their continued suffering at the hands of the brutal ZANU PF dictatorship.

Popular opinion in Zimbabwe, on social media and among those gathered at the ZHRO Vigil on this cold and windy winters day, was that Mbeki was likely trying to re-establish a GNU (Government of National Unity).  The consensus was that, there is likely a strong link between his Mbeki's prior (GNU) Panacea and Zimbabwe's current well published Economic, Political, Human Rights, Health Care and Food crisis'.

Further, the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), finally managed to hold a National Council meeting in Bulawayo over the weekend and there, MDC members made it abundantly clear that they do not want to go into a GNU, or to join POLAD.  Instead the MDC leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa will likely be involved in a National all inclusive Dialogue.  The MDC National Council meeting was held despite the police in Bulawayo previously blocking it, just as they have been blocking numerous other MDC meetings and Rallies.

To see Police Block MDC again click here


Fortune Daniel Molokele, National Spokesperson for the MDC said, "MDC wants transitional mechanisms, a National all Inclusive Dialogue and a National Transitional Authority to be agreed by all stakeholders at the National All Inclusive Dialogue, not POLAD." 

To hear MDC, say NO to POLAD, click here


To the outside and international community, it is likely seen as though Thabo Mbeki getting involved is good for Zimbabwe.  The unfortunate consequence though, for those who are on the ground is that, if power had been moved into the hands of the MDC instead of the resulting GNU, the chances of true reforms being implemented in Zimbabwean politics, since 2008 would have been greater without the GNU.  Unfortunately, what people are seeing now is a President making himself all powerful, unaccountable, omnipotent with unchecked, powers beyond the likes of Idi Amin.

Thabo Mbeki trying to fix Zimbabwe?


Zimbabwe Cabinet approves constitutional amendments

Other News

Mary Chiwenga (Wife of Zimbabwe's Vice President) was arrested and has been remanded in custody likely until after Christmas.

ZHRO members refused to comment on the record.


Thanks to Ebson Chigwedere who played the drums, they are an integral part of the Vigil.  Rangarirai Chivaviro and who helped set up the banners and stalls.  Phillip Mahlahla who took most of the photos, Sibongile Bvungidzire and Orivasi Madondo for handing out flyers, Tryness Ncube for looking after the front table, Nehemiah Musonza, Alfredy Mukuvare and John Burke for their wise words during the Vigil, in between songs.  Thank you too, to Sarah Bayisayi who led most of the singing and drove all the way from the South of England together with John Burke with the drums and other equipment for the Vigil.  All who attended are also thanked very much for coming on such a cold and windy day.

To find out more or to join ZHRO please do not hesitate to call
  • Phillip Mahlahla           074 5282 8229
  • Ebson Chigwedere       074 4923 5660
  • Kingstone Jambawo     079 0486 1774
  • Thabo Makuyana          079 4459 0970
Those who attended as per the register were, Phillip J Mahlahla, Sibongile Bvungidzire, Stella Mandiranga, Rangarirai Chivaviro, Tryness Ncube, Thabo Makuyana, Orivasi Madondo, Alfredy Mukuvare, Nehemiah Musonza, Ebson Chigwedere.  Sarah Bayisayi was there, but did not sign the register.

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Events and Notices

Next ZHRO London Vigil will be on the 8th of January 2020, starting 11am at 429 the Strand London WC2R 0JR.

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