Saturday 10 October 2020

Jah Prayzah won’t be getting my Vote

Until he says "Zanu PF must Go", Jah Prayzah won’t be getting my vote

In the last 24 hours I have seen loads of people tweeting about that singer Jah Prayzah, who apparently got nominated for some international ward that requires a public vote of some sort. Jah Prayzah is said to be appealing for the Zimbabwean people to vote for him so that he wins this award and subsequently get a bigger head than the one he already has!

But this is a guy who is silent about the evils of this Zanu PF Junta. Not only that, he sings at their jamborees where they celebrate their ill gotten power with no sense of self awareness at all. He was also silent during the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter campaign. He is NOT a man of the people.

I will go on and say any so called celebrity in Zimbabwe that does not publicly criticize Zanu PF's systematic destruction of Zimbabwe, is an "enabler of fascism". There are many of them, we all know them. Now if these 'celebrities' are not echoing the cries of the masses then their celebrity is pointless to us, the masses. If we the masses are easily suckered in by such pointless celebrities then we are also part of the problem. This is why Zimbabweans should stop giving attention to these Zanu PF enablers. These people are laughing on our faces and we keep getting dazzled by whatever it is that they sell to us. If you want Zimbabwe to get rid of Zanu PF and become a proper country where things work and where people are treated like human beings, you contradict yourself when you give attention to people like Jah Prayzah.

Until the day he says "Zanu pf must go", Jah Prayzah will not be getting my vote nor my attention.


Sindile Ncube

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