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ZHRO 5 February 2020

ZHRO Vigil 5 February 2020

Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) members, met on
ZHRO Vigil 5 February photo by Pillip J Mahlahla
the 5th of February 2020, at 429 The Strand London, England, near Charing Cross Tube and mainline train station.  They met for a pre-planned peaceful vigil protest against, firstly the continued Abridgement of Human Rights and secondly the Committing of Human Rights Abuses by ZANU PF and its proxies against the people of Zimbabwe.

The vigil started with small talk.  Those gathered then started singing Zimbabwean church songs befitting the vigil as usual.  They then went on to sing the usual protest songs, that are anti ZANU PF and this raised the curiosity of passers by.  Some worked out immediately why the vigil was there and others needed a little explanation. The vigil attendees had initially only planned to turn up in support of freedom of expression only, however the reasons for protesting soon included concerns in relation to the health sector and the likely re-deployment of the army within Zimbabwe.

The week started on Monday the 3rd of February, with the Treason (Freedom of Expression) trial of Honorable Job Wiwa Sikhala (Wiwa), firebrand Member of Zimbabwe Parliament (MP), Human Rights Lawyer and Vice Chairman of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).  This sham of a trial, that had previously been postponed by ZANU PF's prosecution was well attended by Supporters of the MP and MDC parliamentarian. The trial was viewed as being of great importance to Zimbabweans, as at the moment, it seems to be making the executive omnipotent.  

Nehanda Radio reported that there were soldiers toyi-toying outside the court.  This was concerning as it might be seen as the state possibly trying to intimidate those involved in the trial of Wiwa.

The defense team representing Honourable Wiwa, led by Ms Beatrice Mtetwa made an application for exception arguing that according to the constitution the accused’s utterances did not constitute a crime.  The trial was postponed and the decision is scheduled for the 14th of Feb 2020. Honorable Wiwa sent an open letter of thanks on Wed 5 Feb 2020 which was noticed and welcomed by ZHRO members.

With Tuesday the 4th of February 2020 being World Cancer day, the first lady of Zimbabwe worked, "very hard," and took a (a) photo opportunity as reported by pro Junta and Regime media the Herald.  She did this whilst Nurses in the country run by her Bea are looking for help from exiled entrepreneur Strive Masiiwa. (b) Strive Masiiwa earlier helped Doctors return to work by extending his philanthropic deeds and now has the whole nation waiting to see if he will be able to help the Nurses too.

In the mean time, Law makers had Doctors wailing their eyes out, as they gave crucial evidence in the Zimbabwe Parliament, of highly likely alleged ZANU PF putting their noses in the troughs (As said by MDC North America Representative on Facebook Live) and Stealing USD$3.5 million from Hospitals.

One can only wonder what type of Satanists would do such a think, in a country that is full of people who on the whole are good natured and well meaning, but seem to have been taken from the frying pan and into the fire. 

All was put into perspective by Hopwell Chin'ono who reported that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia drove himself around with the President of South Africa in the passenger seat, whilst the President of Zimbabwe, used a Helicopter to go and carry out a clean up campaign.  The costs involved, the pollution caused, the confidence portrayed and the messages put out in the pictures, surely do speak more than a thousand words.

The week ended with reports that the Zimbabwe panicky Military chiefs had deployed all over the country.  These reports were refuted by the military, but as the saying goes, "there is no smoke without fire."

The Treason (freedom of expression), trial of MP Wiwa will reopen on the 14th of February 2020.  ZHRO is hoping for the best, however the reality of the situation is not minimised in any way by the date.

A huge thank you to Phillip Mahlahla, John Burke and Tapiwa Muskwe who arrived early to help to set up.  Many thanks to Mary Muteyerwa who played the drums and led the singing at the same time and to Phillip Mahlahla for taking the photos.  Thank you to Molly Ngavaimbe and Nehemiah Musonza who sung loud and proud and contributed in the creation of a great atmosphere. Thank you to John Burke who drove all the way from the South of England with the drums, tent and banners that also help to make the atmosphere during the peaceful vigil protest.  A huge thank you also goes to all who attended as without you, the vigil would not be the same.

To find out more or to join ZHRO please do not hesitate to call

Phillip Mahlahla           074 5282 8229
Ebson Chigwedere       074 4923 5660
Kingstone Jambawo     079 0486 1774
Thabo Makuyana         079 4459 0970

Those who attended as per the register were, Priscilla Machaya, Thabo Makuyana, Phillip J. Mahlahla, Molly Ngavaimbe, Tapiwa Muskwe, Mary Muteyerwa, Benjamin Chigamba, John Burke, Nehemiah Musonza, Junior Madzimure.

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Next ZHRO London Vigil will be on Wednesday 12th February starting 11am at 429 the Strand London WC2R 0JR.

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