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ZHRO Vigil 4 December 2019

Zimbabwe needs Real Leadership, 
Food and Healthcare
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Group Photo 4 December 2019 by Phillip Mahlahla

Members of ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation) met on the 4th of December 2019, for a pre-planned vigil protest against the Zimbabwean ruling Juntas handling of the healthcare crises.  For most, the ruling Junta seems to be reluctant to solve, the prevailing desperate healthcare situation and give the Doctors the ability to treat the nations ill and injured.

With Zimbabwean Doctors having earlier in the day handed over a petition to the Parliament of Zimbabwe, their refusal to return to work, was for most was regrettable but understandable.
Instead of solving the current impasse and trying to stop what the Doctors have called a "silent genocide," the ruling party ZANU PF, with the return of hard man, former General now Vice President of Zimbabwe.  It seems they (the Junta) have gone into overdrive with rumours circulating of the renaming of several streets after Dictators and the National Heroes Acre  after the Vice President. 

All the while, people are dying in the Silent Genocide.  Those who are Zimbabwean and have seen this coming are slightly less surprised.  They are aware just like the ruling Junta that, there actually isn't much they (the people) can do.  The ruling party has the army, police, the courts and the security services in their pockets.  Thus, the likely result in such a situation is a lack of Executive checks and balances, more corruption and even more miss management of the economy. 

The only thing that is left, is for those who are ZANU PF to be able to have the right to travel at the front of the bus and all the rest, to travel at the back of the same bus, for the world to actually take greater notice and decide to actually act and do something to help Zimbabweans.  The blatant impoverishment and killing of Zimbabweans has not seemed to have moved them yet.

The highlight of the week was the USA calling out the Zimbabwean Government, for allegedly underreporting the amount of aid it received from the US Government in 2018-2019 fiscal year.  This is coupled with the same from China.

Most of the above was discussed by members of ZHRO in small chat before the vigil started.  Once the vigil had started, leading the singing was shared by Sindile Ncube, Thulani Nyemba, Tryness Ncube and Vuka Vuka who are thanked very much for their very welcome contributions.  The drum was played by Ebson Chigwedere and Orivasi Madondo was at the front handing out flyers, they too are thanked very much.  

A huge thank you goes to all who attended.  Without you, this day would not have happened and would not have been the same.  Thank you also to John Burke for traveling all the way from the south of England with the equipment and banners.  Thank you to Ebson Chigwedere for playing the drum so well.

Those who attended as per the register are Sindile Ncube, Ebson Chigwedere, Rangarirai Chivaviro, Thulani Nyemba, Alfredy Mukuvare, Tryness Ncube, Phillip J Mahlahla, Thabo Makuyana, John Burke, Charity Ndebele, Nehemiah Musonza, Orivasi Madondo and Vuka Vuka.

By Thabo Makuyana

Look out for one of the songs that was led by Thulani Nyemba.  It will be on the ZHRO platforms tomorrow, Monday 9 December 2019.

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