Wednesday 11 September 2019

Uncle Sam sides with the masses

Uncle Sam sides with the masses, whilst ZANU PF focusses on its self.
Uncle Sam says, “Zimbabweans have long deserved better….”

The latest Tweets from the US Embassy Harare, seem to have been conveniently overlooked by the ZANU PF Media folk.  The comments by, “habitual Liar” Nick Mangwana (as described by ZHRO) have once again turned heads of those who are interested in Politics with a capital P, towards his comments, however this is without explanation.

What is missing from most comments on this matter is that, the usually Suave, ZANU PF media machine is no longer credible to the international world for they and their masters have scored own goal after own goal, in pretty much the same way they have run the economy and country.  They (ZANU PF media machine) have been dealt huge blows by constant lies within their ranks.  The lack of empathy displayed for their own countrymen and most notably for young Girls and young Women (who have not yet even reached the prime of their lives) who have been abused.  These and other things have further dented their credibility in the international world.  The reported arrest of MDC National Chairperson Thabita Khumalo dated 17 August 2019 as written by Mandla Nhlovu, on Bulawayo 24 news, shows that this ill-treatment and arbitrary arrests at the hands of ZANU PF and its proxies is touching women across the population spectrum.

What is different this time and has the ZANU PF media machine on its back foot, is the constant pressure that it and ZANU PF its self are under.  The ordinary Child, Woman and Man, Bloggers, Freelance Journalists willing to risk it all, by reporting the worst of ZANU PF abuses are something that ZANU PF are clearly not used to.  The mainstream media in the West and East are not just being able to but willing to carry brand “Zimbabwe,” as seen in the eyes of the MDC and the Human Rights champions.  With, USA President Trump, the Hong Kong protests, Brexit and Wars that are taking place all over the world, the airtime and printed space that Brand Zimbabwe is getting is quite surprising to the media savvy eye.

The Latest own goals that brand ZANU PF seems to have scored on themselves, (No one knows how long this will last) is the Mugabe burial debacle.  Without going into his history (former President R.G. Mugabe’s history ), which was eloquently and honestly put into context by Uncle Sam representative USA Secretary of State Michael Richard Pompeo, in his tweet where he said,
“During nearly four decades in power, Robert Mugabe devastated a country with enormous potential.  He slaughtered political opponents in the 1980s, used security forces to abuse the opposition and civil society, enriched his family and inner circle through massive corruption...
and catastrophically mismanaged the economy, turning the region's breadbasket into one where much of the population requires international food assistance.
Zimbabweans have long deserved better and their leadership has an opportunity to set the country on a much different path. We will continue to stand with the Zimbabwean people in their efforts to forge a better, more prosperous future.”

The one thing Zimbabwe needs, not as the Panacea, but as a part of the possible solution is the USA’s First Amendment, which is as near to absolute as can be.  The lay and the learned have the freedom to speak without fear or favour when needed (as seen above), thus the democracy thrives. 

(The following I can only write as I am outside of Zimbabwe.)  In a typical own goal of ZANU PF’s making, where their own senior representatives (for example Opah Muchinguri as seen on Gambakwe Midea) have been quoted calling the former President a sell-out.  Then now, being at the whim of the Mugabe family as to whether or not she will attend the funeral.  The Coup not coup, that helped to removed Mugabe, is without doubt etched within the mind of a grieving Widow, who now seems to have the whip hand over the President.  It seems unclear, whether Mnangagwa will bury his political father.  If the ZANU PF media machine play their cards wrong, Leo Mugabe’s quote on ENCA Published on Youtube on 10 Sep 2019 where he said the Mugabe family will, along with the Chiefs have the deciding verdict on where Mugabe will be buried, could be a permanent part of Mnangagwa’s legacy, thus making it more than just a priority for Mnangagwa to be able to bury Mugabe at the Heroes Acre. 

Will there be a command burial?  Will the Mugabe family be able to leave Zimbabwe, and will they be allowed to leave Zimbabwe after the burial?  Will they stay silent, or will they one day talk?   Are just some of the questions that have been asked behind closed doors.  Considering that the same Government and Party have led countless numbers of people to the Diaspora, where sometimes Children are not able to bury their parents, or visa versa for economic reasons, or for fear of persecution, leaves the majority of folk in the Diaspora looking on with mixed feelings.

The latest example of Zimbabweans deserving better is seen in the apparent statements coming from the Zimbabwean executive office.  It has been reported that the office of the President of Zimbabwe, has advised South Africa’s President to use, “a little force,” in the South Africa Xenophobia attacks.  The South African Police have been using rubber bullets, baton sticks and have made numerous arrests.  One thus wonders how much extra force could be used without the South African army being deployed in the streets of Johannesburg South Africa.  This thus leaves Zimbabweans in no doubt that the executive office does believe in the use of force.  With the recent high-profile abductions, arrests and the ongoing suppression of free speech and the right to express ones self, the use of force is more than likely the modus operandi of the Executive office, the government in Zimbabwe and their proxies.  This shows, ZANU PF is not a person, it is a machine.

Unlike the Zimbabwean President’s statements, other African Presidents’ have out right condemned the South African Xenophobia attacks and have offered sanctuary and assistance for their Citizens who have been affected in South Africa.  They have thus shown that they do indeed have their Citizens welfare at heart.

As Uncle Sam says, “Zimbabweans have long deserved better….”

By Thabo Makuyana

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